introducing SILKPEEL

SilkPeel™ Dermalinfusion™ is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure designed to rejuvenate and clarify the appearance of skin. This unique treatment for the face and body simultaneously exfoliates, infuses, and stimulates. SilkPeel is appropriate for almost all skin types and conditions, including aging, acne, pigmentation, and dry skin. Each treatment is fully customized to your individual skin type and condition to deliver maximum results. This advanced aesthetic treatment is specially formulated to renew, hydrate, and achieve a brighter, more even skin tone.*

Silkpeel Facial Treatments

SilkPeel facial treatments are available in a range of special formulations to correct and improve your unique skin type and condition. In your initial consultation, your skin care technician will assess your skin type and condition and customize nutrient-rich topical solutions to apply and infuse. Whether you have acne, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, or any other condition, there is a SilkPeel formulation for you.*

  • The Clarifying Formula is best for sensitive, oily skin prone to acne breakouts and blemishes. This solution combines salicylic acid and aloe to unclog pores, calm irritation, and gently exfoliate.*
  • The Hydration Solution is best for dry skin. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, aloe, and chamomile, this infusion smooths, moisturizes, and calms the skin.*
  • The Vitamin C Solution is best for skin damaged by UV rays and free radicals. Derivatives of vitamin E and vitamin C protect the skin from photodamage, brighten dull skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars. Meanwhile, aloe hydrates and anti-inflammatory ingredients soothe the skin.
  • The Lumixyl™ treatment is meant for patients with hyperpigmentation. Peptide technology can improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of discolouration. Lumixyl brightens, clarifies, and leaves you feeling refreshed and radiant.*

How does SilkPeel Dermalinfusion differ from other skin resurfacing treatments? Other technologies incorporate crystals or other particles, but the SilkPeel applicator features a diamond tip head. This superior tip evenly abrades the skin at a deeper level to exfoliate and nourish.*

silkpeel body

SilkPeel’s companion treatment SilkPeel BODY was developed improve skin on larger surface areas, including the stomach, back, shoulders, chest, arms, thighs, and legs. This revolutionary treatment can exfoliate, infuse, and stimulate for smoother, more hydrated skin. The diamond-tipped applicator gently exfoliates the skin by removing damaged surface cells and stimulating cell renewal, oxygenation, and circulation. Meanwhile, nutrient-rich topical solutions that have been fully customized to the needs of your skin are infused within the epidermis. Even after treatment, the topicals continue to provide ongoing benefits.*

The Advantages of SilkPeel BODY treatments:

  • Improve skin texture*
  • Increase cell renewal*
  • Increase circulation and lymphatic flow*
  • Hydrate and soothe the skin*
  • Enhance connective tissue and musculature*
  • Reduce fine lines, sun damage, acne scarring, and more!*

SilkPeel BODY treatments are quick, painless, and deliver immediate, noticeable results in typical cases. Best of all, you can resume normal activities right away! SilkPeel BODY is effective as a standalone procedure or can be combined with other services offered by Ottawa Skin Clinic for the best whole-body results.*

With Ottawa Skin Clinic’s new SilkPeel treatments, you can enjoy smoother, clearer skin. Find out if SilkPeel is right for you!*

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