We are CoolSculpting certified.

We, at Ottawa Skin Clinic, are CoolSculpting certified. Meaning that all of our coolsculpting medical aestheticians have undergone the vigorous required steps and training to become certified by Zeltiq, the maker of coolsculpting. In return, you can expect safe and effective treatments. We have performed hundreds of treatments to date and have seen high patient satisfaction.



New Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment


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Do you have that little bit of fat that just refuses to go away? You know the one—too small to justify a surgical procedure, but even a healthy diet and regular exercise won’t shed it? CoolSculpting®CoolSculpting may be just the treatment you need! This new treatment offered at Ottawa Skin Clinic is an innovative, non-invasive, and non-surgical way to get rid of fat, and keep it off for good.

How It Works

Did you know that fat cells freeze more quickly than the skin cells around them? This is the basic principle upon which CoolSculpting® technology is built. Your skincare professional will use controlled cooling via a process called Cryolipolysis to selectively freeze stubborn fat cells in the treatment area. These cells are frozen without any damage whatsoever to the surrounding skin. Once frozen, the cells begin to die. Your body will metabolize and reduce the dead cells from your body over the next several weeks, until each is gone. Because the removed fat cells do not regenerate, the results are long-term—the fat deposit in the treatment area has been permanently reduced in size!

CoolSculpting Diagram on how it works

CoolMini™ Treatment to reduce your double chinCoolMini

Are you ready to get rid of your double chin once and for all?

This new device effectively addresses the pockets of fat on the neck and under the chin, known as submental fat. With ZELTIQ’s recent FDA approval of this non-invasive procedure, clients are finally able to reduce the fat deposits responsible for double chin. What makes CoolMini™ an exciting addition to the CoolSculpting® process is the smaller size and new curvature of the device. It is designed to effectively address smaller surface areas where requests for fat reduction are increasingly common, such as chin knees and armpit fat.

CoolSculpting - Cool Mini

How CoolSculpting® Differs from Traditional Weight Loss

When you lose weight by way of diet and exercise, you don’t actually lose fat cells—instead, the cells simply contract and shrink, but the same number always remains, and will swell again when you gain weight. Because CoolSculpting® works by reducing the overall number of fat cells, it promises much more permanent results. The leftover cells are still prone to the same fluctuations, but these changes will now have a drastically lower impact on your appearance than they did before. Combined with a healthy and active lifestyle, you can expect to continue looking and feeling great for a long time to come!



Is CoolSculpting® Right for Me?

This is not an effective treatment for obesity. It is, however, a safe and non-invasive alternative to liposuction. If you have a moderate amount of fat that has proven resistant to other weight loss efforts, then you are likely a perfect candidate for the procedure. To find out more, or to see what CoolSculpting® can do for you, contact the Ottawa Skin Clinic today. We offer free consultations.

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