Botox® Cosmetic Injection

When it comes to Botox® Cosmetic, millions of men and women around the world have discovered that freedom of expression is what it’s all about! Botox® has a long history of success, with more than 20 years of effective treatments. Botox® is approved for medical use in Canada and 75 other countries around the world, with 20 different medical applications.*

Botox® Cosmetic is a purified protein that we inject to target dynamic wrinkles. These wrinkles are caused by repeated muscular contractions over the years, like frowning and squinting. We can help refresh your look with a quick and easy treatment that can be done over a lunch break.*

This simple treatment is so effective at rejuvenating and refreshing your look in typical cases that Botox® Cosmetic has become North America’s most popular physician-administered cosmetic treatment! Ottawa Skin Clinic’s physicians are experts at injecting Botox® Cosmetic, offering their expertise in a clean, safe and comfortable environment.*

Our treatment can be used to help visibly smooth frown lines (lines between the eyebrows), crow’s feet, and horizontal lines that run across the forehead. It can enhance your look without changing your features or limiting your expressive abilities. The typical results are natural looking and can give you a refreshed and reinvigorated appearance. We also offer Botox® Cosmetic treatment for hyperhidrosis to confront the discomfort of excessive sweating.*

The injection may feel like a  small bug bite, but there is very little to no discomfort in typical applications. You can expect very little downtime following treatment. You can notice visible results and smoother skin around the treatment area within the first few days. It can take up to two weeks for full results. The impressive effects in typical cases can last up to four months following the treatment and can give you a sustained, refreshed appearance.*

At Ottawa Skin Clinic, we can also discuss whether our “soft lift” approach is right for you. This treatment addresses concerns of aging skin by combining facial filler with Botox® Cosmetic to assist with a full-face rejuvenation.

Discover the difference, and help refresh your skin with Botox® Cosmetic.

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*Results are not guaranteed and individual experiences may vary.