Many of us may not really take the time and effort to take care good care of our skin. When you stop to think about just how much it has to endure, it’s easy to understand how quickly breakouts, blemishes, and even wrinkles can occur. Having healthy looking skin starts from the inside out and carries through into our daily routines.

If your skin is starting to age and no longer reflects how you feel on the inside, maybe it’s time to incorporate more healthier practices into your routine that can give it a boost.

Take Care of the Inside First

Before you can see results on the surface, you first need to invest in boosting the health of your body. That means incorporating good practices each day, such as a healthy diet and good fats to lubricate the skin, proper hydration (none of that sweetened water), exercise, and ways in which your body and mind can alleviate stress. Each of these factors are imperative to your overall health and also for obtaining that great, youthful looking skin. Sleep well, eat right, exercise, and destress, and you’ll notice a difference without a single change to your skin care routine.

Protect Your Skin

Before you go outside, always make a point to protect your skin. So no matter what time of year it is, cover your skin and shield it against the elements. Sun and cold can both take their turn on battering down those exposed surfaces. Always wear sunscreen when out in the sun, and always bundle your skin as much as you can to avoid long exposure against the cold, dry air.

Caring Practices for your Skin

No matter what time of year it is, each season places your skin under pressure – whether it’s from the intense rays beaming down from the sun, or that harsh, cool, dry air that can take your breath away during the long winter. It’s imperative to take proper care to allow your skin to maintain balance. For example, apply lotion to your skin before and after heading out in the cold, and avoid excessive use of heaters or even air conditioners, as they can dry out your skin.

Skin Care Treatments

In addition to the work you put in at home, you deserve professional skin care treatments to rejuvenate and revive your skin. The Ottawa Skin Clinic offers a range of skin care treatments to fight back against the challenges of the winter months, including HydraFacial treatments, Advanced Medical Grade Facials, and more.

Make skin care a priority by starting from the inside and improving the overall health of your body. Take the time and effort to care for and protect it by incorporating just a few simple practices added to your routine. By showing your skin some extra TLC, you can give it the best defence against those daily elements and keep it looking fabulous and healthy.