During the winter months in Ottawa, the air can get excessively dry. Dry winter air leads to dry skin and painful chapped lips unless you take preventative steps to care for your skin and lips. Fortunately, PCA Peptide Lip Therapy from PCA SKIN® Clinical Care Products may be the solution you’ve been waiting for to protect your lips this winter.

Dry Lips in the Winter

If you suffer from dry lips during the winter, then chances are you’ve tried various lip balms, drug store alternatives and more expensive “designer” lip balms. Many of which only give you minimal improvements in how you and your lips feel. There’s nothing worse than pained cracking or bleeding lips when you are trying to go about your day. Thankfully there is a longer lasting solution that works well in conjunction with other therapies. Take a closer look at PCA Peptide Lip Therapy and you’ll never want to be without this handy pocket-sized solution ever again.

There is a lot of focus these days on skin care and people are much more aware of their skin and how they need to be looking after it, keeping it looking youthful and trying to help prevent damage from free radicals. The trouble is though that more needs to be done to make people aware about how your lips require the same attention and care.

PCA Peptide Lip Therapy

The good news is that lips can remain youthful, with fewer lines in them all thanks to PCA Peptide Lip Therapy. Peptides stimulate collagen production where they are applied which leads to more youthful skin and less noticeable fine lines and wrinkles. This is great for skin, but now thankfully PCA Peptide Lip Therapy targets signs of aging that appear on the lips as we get older.

This next generation lip treatment stimulates collagen in the lips. Collagen is responsible for firmer, smoother, fuller lips.

PCA’s hydrating lip treatment includes added ingredients such as shea butter to help soften the lips and retain moisture. BMX complex also provides hydration.

Best Results

For best results, apply PCA Peptide Lip Therapy to lips twice daily to protect against environmental damage, improve hydration, and minimize lip lines. Alternatively a single application at night also yields great results. PCA lip treatment can be applied and worn underneath your favorite lip balm or lipstick.

In summary, PCA Peptide Lip Therapy helps minimize fine lines, soothe irritation, creates a soft and smooth texture, and prevents moisture loss. For healthy, moisture-rich fuller lips this winter, you should really consider including PCA lip treatment into your daily routine. PCA clinical care products are available exclusively through physicians and licensed professionals, so contact The Ottawa Skin Clinic if you are interested in purchasing this beautiful product.