More and more people are flocking towards the Jane Iredale makeup line. Since its founding in 1994, this mineral-based makeup has won over customers across the globe and the #1 recommended cosmetic by skin care professionals. So why is everyone talking about this makeup line that has the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation?

Natural Minerals

If there’s one thing the Jane Iredale product line commits to, it’s having high-quality ingredients that go into each and every product. The mineral-based products provide a quality of care for your skin that combines the benefits of makeup, with pure, natural ingredients. So that means you won’t find any pore-clogging oil, skin-drying talc, perfume, alcohol, artificial dyes, chemical additives, or other fillers in this makeup. Pure pigments allow the products to last, look natural, and give your skin that ageless glow.

Anti-Irritant and Hypoallergenic

The Jane Iredale makeup line includes anti-irritant and hypoallergenic ingredients. Each product is safety tested as well as clinically and dermatologist tested to ensure they do not irritate sensitive skin. And best of all, each product is cruelty free. Jane Iredale is certified cruelty free and committed to using only the highest of standards during each and every testing phase. So your skin and morals can feel at ease.


Unlike many traditional makeup brands, this one is noncomedogenic. This means that the foundation products are designed to allow your skin to breathe, as it should. So no clogged pores, no blackheads, and no breakouts caused from these foundations.

Protection from the Sun

This makeup not only looks great and feels great, it also provides you with protection from the sun that you need. Whether it’s a day out at the beach, or on a patio soaking up the rays with friends, you know that Jane Iredale has got you covered. Plus, it’s also water resistant!


One of the best features about the Jane Iredale brand is their transparency in their products. Hop online to their site and you can see exactly what ingredients are in your makeup – whether they’re vegan or gluten free – and for those ingredients you’re unsure of, there’s even a glossary for you to search.

So if you have yet to try Jane Iredale mineral makeup, what are you waiting for? This isn’t just a brand that people admire. It’s one that represents what they’ve been seeking in a makeup line that also benefits their skin and their morals. Natural, pure minerals, committed to high standards, and ensuring customers’ opinions are heard and implemented into their brand – that’s what’s got people so in love with Jane Iredale.

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