You know that stubborn area of fat that lingers just below your chin? Well, for some people, healthy diet and exercise simply aren’t enough to get rid of it. But now there is a way that you can! Belkyra was designed specifically to target double chin fat. No more staring at the mirror in frustration or trying to hide an unwanted double chin in pictures. Here’s how this treatment can help you:

What is Submental Fat?

Submental fat specifically refers to the region of fat that commonly hangs beneath the chin. And we have developed a specific treatment for that area since we know how frustrating it can be to eliminate using natural methods, such as eating healthy and performing daily exercise. Sometimes, genetics can have more influence over these elements. Age can also be a factor as the skin begins to lose firmness over the years.

What is Belkyra?

Belkyra, also known as Kybella in the United States, is a non–invasive, non-surgical treatment that targets that stubborn area of fat that can seem near impossible to remove no matter how hard you try. This is an injectable treatment that uses deoxycholic acid, which is a chemical substance that is natural and can be found in our body.

How Does Belkyra Work?

This treatment is injected as a concentrated substance to destroy fat cells by disrupting their membranes. The membranes are what contain the fat cells, so once they are broken down that fatty acid and glycerol gets processed by the body. Once it’s processed it gets turned into waste matter, which is eventually released from the body. The best part about this process is that once the fat cells are destroyed, they don’t come back. You can enjoy permanent results!

What Happens During the Procedure?

Since this treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical you don’t have to worry about enduring any surgery. All it requires is a simple injection to the area beneath the chin. Depending on your specific area, it could take more than one session to see the full effect. But even after the first session, you will begin to notice the results where that submental fat reduces in appearance and the area appears slimmer and tighter.

If you dislike what you see each time you look in the mirror, or feel insecure each time someone takes a photo due to the submental fat beneath your chin, our Belkyra treatment can help. Stop trying alternative methods that aren’t working. Contact us to see why Belkyra is right for you!