Do you try to magnify your lashes but to no avail? Are mascara products and fake lashes proving ineffective? Latisse® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Latisse is the only treatment approved by Health Canada that is clinically proven to grow eyelashes. This product grows your lashes darker, thicker, fuller, and longer. It is available by prescription from your doctor. Read on for more information about this revolutionary product.

The Process

Latisse is easy to use. You simply apply one drop to one of the included brushes, and apply it to your upper eyelid. Throw that brush out, and repeat the process on your other eye. This process should only be done once a day. We offer a 5ml box, which is a 16-week program. Latisse has a helpful video on their website that shows a demonstration of applying the treatment properly.

How does Latisse work?

Latisse was discovered when doctors noticed a beneficial side effect with the drug Lumigan, which is used to treat glaucoma. Latisse affects the growth phase of your eyelashes in two distinct ways. It increases the total number of hairs that grow during that phase, which affects the thickness and darkness of your lashes. It also increases the length of those new hairs that are growing, which of course contributes to longer lashes.

Where can you get Latisse?

Health Canada has approved Latisse as a prescription treatment for eyelash growth. If you are interested in receiving Latisse treatment, you can speak to one of the doctors or medical aestheticians at The Ottawa Skin Clinic. We offer a number of beneficial and restorative skin care products and services, including the prescription of Latisse, and will be happy to help you.

The Results

When using Latisse, patients will see their eyelashes get thicker, longer and even darker. Patients typically see some results after eight weeks, and full results can be expected after 12 to 16 weeks of everyday application. During clinical studies, lashes were seen to be 106% thicker, 18% darker and 25% longer. The growth of your lashes is gradual, but patient, single application over the course of a few weeks has proven results. Once your lashes are at your desired fullness, you will be prescribed a dosage for maintenance that is typically applied two to three times a week.

Your dream of fuller, longer, darker lashes can be soon be realized with this breakthrough treatment. Contact The Ottawa Skin Clinic today to schedule an appointment.