Wondering what the deal is with waxing? If you’re still relying on shaving as your method of hair removal, you’re missing out on a much better alternative. If you’re suffering from skin irritations or simply don’t have the time to keep up with shaving for a minimal duration of softness, it’s time you get in on the waxing trend! It’s fast, effective and long-lasting. Here are a few more of the benefits that waxing can deliver.

The Results Last Longer

Finding enough time to shave can be hard enough as it is. But then on top of that, with all the effort you put into shaving, the results often don’t even last a full day. By the time the evening rolls around you’re left with rough, irritating skin.

Avoid Cuts And Nicks

Since there’s no razor involved, there’s no need to worry about having cuts and nicks left along your skin after the process. The is extra helpful for those who suffer from discolouration after a simple cut. With one swift sweep and pull of the wax, you get a clean, smooth surface.

Avoid Skin Irritants

If you have sensitive skin that’s left with razor burn and rashes after shaving, it can leave you feeling insecure and uncomfortable showing off your skin when it’s time to hop into the hot tub. Since waxing removes the hair from the root instead of cutting the hair as a razor does, red bumps and razor burn aren’t a problem. You may experience some redness immediately after waxing, but this will subside soon after your treatment.

It’s Convenient

Since waxing produces long-lasting results that leave your skin feeling smooth and soft for weeks – and even months for some people – it makes the treatment extra convenient. Unlike shaving, where you’re required to shave pretty much everyday for soft results, you can pop in to have a waxing treatment and enjoy smooth skin without having to fuss about your hair for a good amount of time. So you can enjoy some extra time in the mornings rather than having to spend it on shaving.

When Done Right, It’s Almost Pain-free

Despite what many people believe and say, when waxing is performed properly by a well-trained professional, it can be almost pain-free. With fast, swift movements, you can enjoy hair-free skin for weeks with minimal discomfort that’s so worth it!

So if you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about waxing, it’s time to see for yourself! Book your appointment today at The Ottawa Skin Clinic so you can finally toss away your razor and see what everyone’s talking about.