If you want to enhance the appearance of your lips, lip fillers offer a simple solution that will make them look fuller, with results that can last for several months. These injections are minimally invasive, and the procedure only takes a few minutes. Aftercare is easy, with patients typically experiencing only minor side effects like swelling and bruising. If you’ve been considering it but feel unsure or nervous, here’s a quick overview of what to expect when getting lip fillers.

It’s a Quick 15 Minute Procedure

A lip filler treatment is a quick and efficient procedure that takes a minimal amount of time. From the moment you walk in until it’s complete, it will take approximately 15 minutes on average. Your medical professional will first begin by applying a numbing agent to your lips to decrease any sensitivity before injecting the filler. It’s that simple.

Your Lips Will Look Swollen at First

When the lip filler is injected, it will cause some swelling, which will make your lips appear overfilled at first. Don’t be alarmed by this. It is a normal part of the process. Once the swelling subsides and settles, your lips will appear naturally enhanced and beautiful.

Temporary Side Effects Can Occur After Treatment

Lip fillers are safe and effective, however, they can induce minor side effects following the appointment. You may experience numbness, itching, bruising, lumpiness, swelling or sensitivity around the lips. These side effects are common and will subside quickly.

There’s No Downtime Required

Despite any minor side effects that could occur, downtime is not typically required after the appointment. You may resume your regular activities right afterwards. 

The Results Are Not Permanent

Lip fillers do not produce permanent results. More treatments will be needed to maintain this new look.

You Can Expect Long Lasting Results

Even though they are not permanent, the results are long-lasting. However, other factors will impact the longevity of the product. This includes how your body absorbs and reacts to the type of filler that’s used by your clinician. On average, you can see your results last approximately six months and, in some cases, an entire year.

Follow Up Treatments Will Be Needed

To maintain your full and plump-looking lips, follow-up treatments will be necessary in the future. The timeframe will also vary depending on each individual’s reaction to the filler. Your clinician will explain all of the pertinent details and help you determine when another treatment will be needed. 

Be Prepared to Look Different

In some cases, clients are initially surprised by their results directly after the treatment. This is common with many different types of procedures that are designed to enhance your appearance. This is why we remind our clients that it is all part of the process. You should expect to look different after your procedure and to be patient as the swelling reduces. Once any side effects or bruising dissipates, you will see the final results and be thrilled with your new and improved lips.

Lip Volume Can Be Adjusted

We can completely tailor the treatments to produce the look you desire. Our medical professionals can control the amount of filler that’s injected to create the amount of volume you are looking for. If you want to enhance the volume further, injections can be delivered gradually during future appointments to achieve the exact results that you want.

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