With a Simple Process, Skin Rejuvenation Will Result in a Youthful Look!

Skin rejuvenation, also known as rejuvenation, is a non-surgical procedure that has commonly been used to treat sports injuries, but this method of using a patient’s own platelets to help heal an injury has recently been discovered to have cosmetic benefits as well. If you’re attending your first rejuvenation treatment, have no worries–the treatment isn’t painful, and will benefit your skin without any harsh chemicals. Here’s what you can expect from your platelet-rich plasma skin rejuvenation:


Before the treatment begins, a specialist will collect a sample of approximately 20 ml of your blood. For each 10 ml of blood, approximately 4 ml are platelets, meaning that 8 ml of platelets are collected in total.


After collecting your blood, the specialist will bring your blood samples for centrifugation. This 15-minute process will separate the red blood cells from the platelets, resulting in a platelet rich plasma serum. This is the serum that will be injected into the treatment area.


Once the platelet-rich plasma is ready, it is injected into your skin with a small needle. As the platelet-rich plasma is injected, the rejuvenation treatment helps remodel the epidermis, which in-turn enhances the texture and appearance of your skin. After the injections are completed, the plasma serum will be applied on your skin to help it rejuvenate and heal at the small injection sites. The specialist will then cleanse and moisturize your skin.


Immediately following your platelet-rich plasma skin rejuvenation, you may experience some swelling and tenderness on the treatment area, which will likely also be red. The swelling and redness usually lasts for 12 to 24 hours. Small bruises may also occur but should disappear within two or three days.

It is after about three weeks that you will start to see noticeable improvements in your skin. The reason for this delay is that the platelets injected into your skin need time to develop and release the special growth factors, which help repair skin tissues. Your skin tone and skin texture will keep improving over the following weeks and months as the treatment helps your skin develop new blood vessels. The cells from the rejuvenation treatment area will regenerate and will be rapidly vascularized, thus leaving you with a more vibrant and youthful look!

Rejuvenation treatment once a month for the first three to four months is recommended for optimal results. Then, a treatment every six or 12 months may be recommended depending on your results. Don’t let you skin wait; call your skin specialist today to set up a consultation and get the youthful look you want!