Have you heard about Revitacare Haircare® treatments yet? If you have problems with dry scalp, hair loss, damaged hair, or thinning areas, this treatment is perfect for you. This micro-injection-based vitamin treatment is designed to hydrate your scalp and produce beautiful, strong, and vibrant hair. With our restructuring hair booster treatment, you can say goodbye to hair loss and limp hair and bring back your self-confidence. Check out all the advantages of Revitacare Haircare® treatments.

Innovative Formula

What makes this product stand out amongst the rest is its innovative formula that works like magic on your scalp and hair. The combination of nutrient-rich ingredients pumps hydration into the superficial epidermis of the scalp. This allows nutrients to penetrate deep into your hair roots and provide a boost of nutrients to help combat hair loss and damage in order to promote hair recovery and follicle strength.

Encourages Hair Regrowth

The Revitacare Haircare® Restructuring Hair Booster is designed to reduce damaged hair follicles, thinning hair, and even embarrassing dandruff that lowers your confidence and self-esteem. The micro-injection based vitamin treatment works to hydrate the scalp all the way down to the deepest levels to create more structure while eliminating dry, flaky skin.

Fast And Noticeable Results

The results are fast, and many clients experience visible hair growth in as little as 2 sessions. In as quickly as 6 sessions you will notice a dramatic improvement in your hair’s quality, look and feel. You will enjoy stronger and more attractive hair that looks much healthier.


Even though the treatment involves micro-based-injections, you don’t have to worry about pain. This is a non-invasive, safe and comfortable procedure.

Clinically Proven

The Revitacare Haircare® treatments are not just innovative, but also clinically proven. Depending on your hair quality you can expect a decrease in hair loss, enhanced texture, and a healthy rehydrated scalp. To get the results we recommend 6 initial sessions in 6 to 10-day intervals, with potential touch up treatments to ensure long-lasting results.

Optimal Results When Used with Rejuvenation

Revitacare Haircare® Treatments can also be used in combination with rejuvenation treatments for even better results. Our rejuvenation treatments use your own platelet plasma to heal an area through cellular regeneration and promote hair follicle growth. Not only does it provide exceptional results for re-growing and fortifying your hair, but when used with Revitacare Haircare® treatments it can provide an even better result for achieving healthy hair.

For more silky, stronger, and smooth hair, contact us today at The Ottawa Skin Clinic, we can provide you with all the information you need to start using Revitacare treatments today.