If you are over 30 years old and notice the onset of redness on your cheeks, chin, nose or forehead, you may be developing rosacea. Thankfully there are skin care treatments available to reduce the effects of rosacea before they become a persistent problem. Read on to learn more about rosacea and how to treat it.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic disorder of the facial skin. The skin will have constant flare-ups and remissions. It typically begins after the age of 30, with the first signs being redness on the cheeks and other areas of the face. It can also occur on other areas of the body like the neck and chest. If left untreated, the redness can become more persistent, with blood vessels becoming visible. The eyes of rosacea patients can become irritated and bloodshot as well. This disorder can occur in both men and women, and unfortunately there is no cure because the cause of rosacea is unknown.

How is Rosacea Treated?

Each rosacea patient is different, so the first step is to seek a consultation with a dermatologist to map out the proper course of action. Initial treatment often begins with oral and topical therapy to begin controlling the condition. The next step is long-term use of topical therapy in order to maintain rosacea’s remission. More advanced techniques may be used if the effects of rosacea are more serious. Lasers treatment may be used to remove visible blood vessels and oral antibiotics may be needed to treat the effects to your eyes. At The Ottawa Skin Clinic, we offer many treatments that are beneficial to patients with rosacea, such as PhotoFacial treatment (Photo Rejuventation), HydraFacial treatment, and Advanced Medical Grade Facials. Schedule an appointment to discuss which option is best for your skin.

What is the best skin care routine for patients?

Speak with your dermatologist to receive the appropriate skin-care routine for your unique case. We advise each patient to clean their face daily with a non-abrasive cleanser and rinse with warm water, followed by drying their face with a clean thick cotton hand-towel. The key is to be gentle with your skin. Cosmetics may be used to hide the effects of rosacea. Makeup with a green tinge is the best choice for concealing redness – we recommend Jane Iredale mineral makeup and foundation for patients with rosacea.

Where to get started?

If you believe you are suffering from rosacea, we advise you to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist in Ottawa, as the condition could worsen dramatically. As rosacea worsens, the face becomes ruddy and blood vessels become visible. You can contact the medical aestheticians at The Ottawa Skin Clinic in order to get started. Our team of professional skin care specialists are well equipped to handle your rosacea and help you look and feel your best.