Are you experiencing unwanted acne, even as an adult? You’re not alone! Anyone can get acne, not just teens or young adults. And surprisingly, over half of every adult will experience problems with acne at some point in their life. While it can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable, you don’t have to shun yourself or your pride. There are a variety of treatment methods that work to destroy the bacteria that causes acne and reduce the appearance of acne scarring. One of the most beneficial options is Advanced Fluorescence Technology, or AFT.

Here we explore AFT and whether it’s the right treatment for you.

What is AFT?

Advanced Fluorescence Technology (ATF) is the next generation of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser technology treatment that delivers blue light. The treatment uses high concentrations of wavelengths to destroy the bacteria that is produced by acne and dramatically reduce blemishes. The device works to target only the affected areas, effectively destroying the bacteria without harming the skin’s tissue or causing discomfort. When used for acne removal, the technology can improve both the appearance and texture of the skin with minimal downtime.

Are there any side effects?

When compared to other surgical treatments, AFT provides a virtually painless experience. The treatment can be performed without topical drugs and produces no significant side effects. Immediately after the treatment you may experience some slight swelling but these effects will quickly subside depending on your skin’s sensitivity.

When will I see visible results?

You can expect to see results in as little as one treatment. Plus, patients commonly report progressive skin improvements over several treatments. Depending on the treatment program that is recommended for you by your aesthetician, you can expect to attend between 4 to 8 treatments. The sessions take little to no time at all – each full-face session takes only 15 minutes, with back and chest taking somewhat longer depending on the coverage area. The good news is that directly after the treatment is finished, you can go on to assume regular activities.

Who can undergo treatment?

AFT is appropriate for most adults. In your initial consultation, your skin condition will be evaluated and analyzed to ensure ATF is the right treatment plan for you.

Have you been trying to get rid of acne and unwanted scars with no success? Maybe it’s time to try a professional treatment option. Consider reaching out to the physicians and medical aestheticians at the The Ottawa Skin Clinic to discuss whether the AFT system is the right fit for you.