The bitter cold and dry air during the winter can create chapped, shriveled, and unappealing lips. And since your lips are constantly exposed to the environment, whether you’re inside or outside, they’re always prone to damage and dehydration. It’s also important to note that the skin on your lips is thinner than skin elsewhere on your body, and it doesn’t contain oil glands to protect it against the elements. So if you neglect them, you’re sure to end up with rough, chapped lips.

But with a little tender loving care, you can combat those winter elements and keep your lips plump and smooth. Here are some tips to keep your lips from drying out this season and all year long.

Avoid Licking Your Lips

Although it may feel like you’re helping your lips out by licking them every so often to add some moisture, it actually ends up doing more harm than good. Each time you lick them, the digestive enzymes contained in our saliva breaks down the natural protective barrier of the lips. So when you get the urge to lick, resist!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Keeping hydrated is imperative – especially during the dry winter months when the heat is pumping, and any ounce of moisture gets easily stripped from the air. Your lips are essentially like a sponge. When you add moisture and water, they absorb it and look plump, but when dehydrated, they shrivel and shrink. So make a habit to always carry a water bottle with you throughout your day, or set a notification on your phone regularly to remind you when it’s time to hydrate. Your lips and your skin will thank you.

Use A Good Lip Balm

Of course, having lip balm is also an essential line of defense for keeping your lips from drying out. But it’s important to use one that has the type of hydrating ingredients that will really replenish your lips. Look for a quality lip balm that contains ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E, or coconut oil.

Use A Humidifier

With all the heat, dust and lack of ventilation inside your home throughout the winter, it can feel uncomfortably dry during the winter months without a humidifier. These are essential for replacing moisture back into the air and keeping your lips and skin hydrated and happy.

Enjoy A Lip Treatment

If the dry air has caused your lips to look excessively shriveled and chapped, then you can erase that damage by treating your lips to a treatment, such as cosmetic fillers. You can literally erase any of those deep, unattractive lines and enjoy plump, smooth lips with a quick, non-invasive treatment that you can squeeze in during your lunch hour.

At The Ottawa Skin Clinic, we know just how harsh the winter can be on your skin and lips. So if you’re noticing that your lips are looking excessively chapped and shriveled, contact us today to explore your options so you can feel confident again about showing off one of the best facial features!