Do you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair? If so, you’re certainly not alone since over 1.5 billion people worldwide are affected by this condition as well. Losing clumps of hair or seeing sparse patches develop along the scalp can be a very traumatic experience – especially for women. Thankfully, the advanced technology of laser therapy can help. Using cutting-edge science, the Theradome laser hair growth treatment offers an effective solution to hair loss. These powerful lasers stimulate hair follicles in a safe, effective and convenient process with results that you can feel good about. In this article, we’ll explore more about this groundbreaking treatment and whether it can benefit you. 

How Does Theradome Work

When we think of laser therapy, many of us are used to associating them with hair removal. But as science continues to pave the way for new treatments, biomedical laser technology has proven to be very effective at stimulating new hair growth as well. Developed by a former NASA scientist, Theradome is the latest and most powerful high-tech treatment for hair loss today. It utilizes 80 high-efficiency lasers that penetrate the scalp to stimulate stem cells at the root of the hair follicles to encourage new growth.

Natural Solution With No Side Effects

With hair loss affecting more than 80 million people across Canada and the US, there is a range of different treatment options and medications available, but many of these frequently prove to be ineffective. Many of them also come with a multitude of side effects. With Theradome, these biomedically designed lasers provide a natural and convenient solution for hair loss instead, with no harmful side effects to endure after the process. And unlike other laser treatments, the device doesn’t emit any harmful radiation or heat and is perfectly safe to use at home or in conjunction with medication.

Quick And Convenient 

Theradome treatments are also quick, convenient and comfortable. With two 20-minutes sessions per week, you’ll start to stimulate hair follicles and see the results you’ve been waiting for. Best of all, there’s no need to visit a clinic. With wireless technology, you can even use it at home, which means you can enjoy each treatment session in complete comfort and privacy if desired. To experience the best results, we recommend continuing treatment for nine months, with regular maintenance, applied when needed.

Can Treat All Problem Areas

With full scalp coverage, these proprietary lasers can be used to treat all problem areas. So whether you have partial thinning or bald patches developing, this is ideal for you. For those who have undergone previous hair restoration treatments or rejuvenation treatments, Theradome can also be beneficial, improving the results significantly along treated areas of the scalp.

Health Canada & FDA Approved

This laser technology is very safe and simple to use, and it’s recommended by 4 out of 5 hair loss experts. Theradome is also approved by both Health Canada and the US FDA. So you can sit back, relax and let the lasers get to work, stimulating your hair follicles while you enjoy your morning coffee. It’s that easy!
Hair loss can have a dramatic effect on our self-esteem, which can end up impacting just about every aspect of daily life for those who live with it. Fortunately, Theradome offers an affordable, convenient and effective solution that can regenerate hair growth in no time. To learn more about this hair restoration treatment and whether it can benefit you, get in touch with us at The Ottawa Skin Clinic. Our specialists will be happy to sit down with you, answer your questions and discuss treatment options that can restore your hair and your confidence.