Age spots and hyperpigmentation often emerge for many people as early as their twenties and thirties, unfortunately. Brown spots are commonly activated as a result of long-term sun exposure. Those days of basking in the sun without any UV protection can end up resulting in imperfections that many of us wish we could erase. If your skin is displaying signs of age spots and hyperpigmentation, here are a few truths that you should know about the cause, and the best way to treat them.

The Cause

We all know how damaging sun exposure can be for not only our skin, but our health as well. Yet for so many avid sunbathers, the glowing tan seems to outweigh those risks.

Sunshine and a good douse of vitamin D are necessary for the body, but in short, subtle spurts, combined with adequate broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Exposing your skin to those intense rays for prolonged periods of time without any sun protection to block out those UV rays is what causes hyperpigmentation to occur and age spots to develop.

The Treatment

Although topical treatments and creams can work at fading the appearance of those spots, they can easily re-emerge over time without constant application. That’s why many people depend on intense pulsed light (IPL) or laser skin resurfacing instead.

Our Pulsed Light Photofacial service is specially designed to combat the visible effects of sun damage on your skin and is also an effective treatment of rosacea and hyperpigmentation. Say goodbye to age spots, discolouration, broken capillaries, and other symptoms of UV exposure with this quick and efficient treatment option.

Laser skin resurfacing is the leading treatment when it comes to eliminating skin imperfections, such as age spots, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and uneven skin texture. This pixel laser resurfacing method triggers your body’s natural healing process to stimulate the growth of new, healthy skin. With this advanced technology, small areas of the face can be directly targeted.

With this laser treatment, you can reverse those signs of sun damage while turning back the hands of time. By stimulating collagen and new tissue, you can erase sun damage, shrink pores, reduce wrinkles, heal acne scars, and improve the overall texture of your skin as well.

The best part about this laser treatment is that there isn’t an extended amount of healing time that you have to endure afterwards. All it requires is 2-4 monthly treatments during which time you will notice your skin start to regenerate new layers, leaving you with flawless looking skin beneath.

We treat most of our clients with IPL rather than Pixel for pigmentation because there is less downtime and it targets only the pigmentation. IPL will be used on our clients with lighter skin tones, our darker skin tones clients with pigmentation could be treated with pixel. Pixel is great though because it not only targets pigmentation as you had mentioned, but it also selectively damages the skin to yield overall better texture and fresher looking skin.

If sun damage and age spots have got you feeling insecure about exposing your face to the world and the sun – why not try laser resurfacing? It’s quick, easy, and can get you back to feeling confident about your skin. Book an appointment with The Ottawa Skin Clinic today!