What are the Benefits of Medical-Grade Facials?

If you’re looking for a way to improve the health and appearance of your skin, advanced medical-grade facials are the way to go. And with all the latest skin care technology and products that are available for use, facial treatments are some of the best ways to fight the signs of ageing and damaged skin.

Adult Acne Clinic in Ottawa: Clearing Things up

From Micro-Needling to Medical-Grade Facials, Ottawa Skincare Experts Are Here to Help Are you troubled by acne, long after your teen years? You are not alone. In fact, adult acne is more common than you might think, especially among women; 35% of women in their 30s battle this condition, and even 15% of women over

Chemical Peels in Ottawa: The Numerous Benefits

…and how facials in Ottawa differ. Did you know that the chemical peel is actually one of the oldest cosmetic procedures in the world? It’s true! As it turns out, the ancient Egyptians and Romans cared just as much about their skin as we do and used sour milk (which contains lactic acid) and grape

Four Reasons to Get a Hydrafacial in Ottawa

This Cutting Edge Treatment Comfortably Rejuvenates Skin with No Downtime When it comes to facials, Ottawa residents may have come to expect a certain degree of discomfort. Most chemical peels and other facials can be abrasive on the skin, and they have to be to achieve their best possible results. It’s like the saying goes: