Botox in Ottawa: Myths Debunked

Ottawa Botox Clinics Shed Some Light on These Common Misconceptions The popularity of Botox has quickly soared over the past two decades, first becoming the magical youth elixir for celebrities, and then for regular women and men (yes, the fellas as well, it has been a new era for a while now!). With that popularity

Hyperhidrosis Treatment and You

What is Hyperhidrosis and How Can a Botox Clinic Help? We all sweat. It’s not flattering, but it is necessary. It’s your body telling you, “You’re hot, and you need to cool off.” Sweating is our body’s way of reducing high temperatures so that we don’t overheat and keel over. Hyperhidrosis treatment, on the other

What You Didn’t Know about Botox Clinics

Botox Has Medical Uses Which May Surprise Ottawa Residents How often do you give serious thought to botulinum toxin A? While it may sound terrifying and unfamiliar, you’ve likely heard all about it by another name: Botox, a refined version of the toxin that has become an incredibly popular cosmetic product. In fact, when you