Is your skin looking a little dreary after the harsh winter season in Ottawa? Well aside from the cold, dry weather that it’s had to endure the last few months, it could actually be your diet that’s causing your skin to suffer. If you’re looking to give it a radiant boost, here are some great skin-loving superfoods that can help you get back that youthful looking glow.

Pumpkin Seeds

We’ve all heard that pumpkin seeds are great for us, but many of don’t know exactly why or how they benefit us. Pumpkin seeds are loaded with zinc, containing 2.57 mg per ¼ cup. Zinc is the mineral that helps keep you hair, nails and skin healthy and strong. It also boosts our collagen levels and elasticity, contains UV protectants, and promotes skin renewal as well.


These delicious green fruits are loaded with nutrients and healthy fats that benefit our entire body. Containing monounsaturated fats (MUFAs), biotin, and antioxidants, they help our skin retain moisture, stave off free-radicals, overburdening toxins, and promote cell growth, along with elasticity to help keep our skin nice and firm.


Tomatoes are blessed with ever powerful lycopene. This magical ingredient – which is most beneficially when eaten in the form of cooked tomatoes, or tomato sauce – also works wonders towards protecting our skin from sun damage, promoting healthy cell growth and helping to reduce those pesky free-radicals that cause our skin to age more rapidly. They can help your skin fight off those toxins and sun damage.


These little gems are packed with a bunch of antioxidants, and also contain cancer preventative properties. With their tart taste, anti-inflammatory and vitamin C properties, they help to reduce skin irritants such as acne, balance pH levels and healthy oil production of the skin, along with producing the amino acids that promote and build collagen.


Vitamin C is your best friend when it comes to achieving that healthy looking glow. It strengthens your skin by fighting free-radicals and keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Since strawberries contain more of this vitamin than citrus fruits, they should be right near the very top of your list for snacks to munch on.

So if you’re skin has lost the healthy looking radiance it once had, simply try boosting up your intake of a few of these tasty superfoods. With their magical skin-boosting properties, you’ll have the radiance glow back in no time.