If you are suffering from extra fat under the chin, commonly known as double chin, you are not alone. Having fat under your chin gives the illusion of being overweight even when the rest of the body is at a healthy weight. Submental fat or severe fat under the chin is commonly influenced by genetics, aging, and weight gain. The worst part is that it’s often resistant to exercise and healthier eating. But you don’t have to be stuck with a double chin forever; there are ways you can improve the appearance without surgical treatments. Here we outline some treatment options you may consider to reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Belkyra – Deoxycholic Acid Injection

Belkyra is a non-surgical procedure that involves an injectable prescription to help reduce fullness underneath the chin area. The procedure requires zero downtime and over the course of a series of sessions, you will have a redefined jawline and noticeable reduction of submental fat. The injection uses a synthetic form of the naturally occurring molecule deoxycholic acid to help target the fat cells. Plus, it’s Health Canada approved and only performed by highly qualified physicians.

CoolSculpting Treatments

CoolSculpting is another exceptional non-surgical procedure that can help remove the signs of submental fat. And this treatment is the new addition to the CoolSculpting process, which is the world’s number one non-invasive fat reduction procedure. It works by using controlled cooling to remove unwanted fat and to help contour your body. This Health Canada-approved device easily targets the pockets of fat around the neck area and underneath the chin. 

You don’t have to live life with unwanted chin fat. Talk to a skin care professional at The Ottawa Skin Clinic who has the experience and expertise to help you get the look you want. We offer a range of cosmetic procedures performed by highly trained physicians and medical aestheticians. Our staff takes the time to walk you through every step of the procedure to ensure you receive a customized experience to suit your needs. The neck contouring treatments offered by The Ottawa Skin Clinic can help you reduce your submental fat and improve your appearance and confidence once and for all.

Before and after Belkyra treatment