Are you ready to revitalize your skin and improve the appearance of existing cellulite? 

The Ottawa Skin Clinic is excited to offer the first and only device that administers an effective cellulite treatment by utilizing radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy. The EMTONE device uses both thermal and mechanical energy simultaneously, combatting stubborn cellulite as a result. This innovative technology allows our team to effectively and painlessly reduce the appearance of cellulite in just a few, short sessions.

What is Cellulite?

Commonly occurring in the arms, stomach, thighs, and buttocks, cellulite has multiple underlying factors. In summary, fibrous bands run from your skin to your muscles through existing fat, also known as connective tissue. When these bands pull downward towards the skin, the fat chambers protrude upward into the top layers of skin, becoming more visible. When there is weak skin elasticity, poor circulation, hormonal changes, or metabolic waste accumulation in interstitial spaces, cellulite is more likely to occur. Diet, lifestyle, and genetics also play a role in whether an individual has visible cellulite or not. All of these factors can lead to fat chambers pushing through, appearing on the top layers of the skin, resulting in a dimply/uneven texture.

Cellulite is an extremely common condition and definitely no secret. The bumpy texture of the skin is a result of underlying fat deposits and can occur anywhere on the body. Generally speaking, individuals are displeased with the appearance of cellulite and would like to tackle it using the most effective treatment. While the development of cellulite is quite complex, the solution is surprisingly effortless…