We all have certain areas of the body that we tend to dislike, fixate on, and wish we could improve. And sometimes, it can feel as though no matter how much we exercise, those stubborn areas just won’t improve. Thankfully, you can change that with the help of EMSCULPT for your abs and buttocks. This advanced, non-invasive treatment can target and activate the muscles to create contractions that will speed up your metabolism rate, burn fat and substantially improve muscle development for a toned and tighter result. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary technology and how EMSCULPT can get your body beach-ready for the summer.


This treatment is in an entirely new category of body sculpting and is both FDA/CFIA approved. This technology utilizes magnetic fields that are similar to an MRI machine. By using high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology, EMSCULPT activates the muscles, causing thousands of contractions to occur in a short span of 30 minutes. How does this give you rockin’ abs or a tight tush? Well as a comparison, when you hit the gym and perform crunches to tone your abs, you’re lifting your torso approximately every 5 seconds and activating only 50% of your abdomen muscles.

Conversely, with this treatment, it can trigger those muscles 100%, and thousands of times in a short period. Though this may sound too good to be true, the results don’t lie. Clients can see significant fat reduction and 16%+ increase in muscle development in under five treatments.

How Does The Process Work?

When you enter the clinic, our specialists will ask you to lie down and get comfortable. Then the device will be placed over the top of your stomach or on the glutes if you’re targeting your buttocks area. Then the machine will be activated with the practitioner starting low and gradually increasing the levels to properly target the muscles without hyper-stressing them. You’ll start to feel contractions every few seconds, which can feel a little strange at first, but the process is relatively painless. It feels more like an intense vibration. After your session, you may feel a bit sore, similar to the discomfort after a good workout. For successful results, it usually requires a minimum of four sessions, each session spaced out 2-3 days. For abdominal area, fat reduction is up to 19%!

Who Is This Suitable For?

EMSCULPT is ideal for those who stay active but have reached a workout plateau and can’t seem to get rid of those extra few pockets of fat. Since the stomach and butt are two of the most common problem areas, it can be very beneficial for shedding stubborn fat and getting lean, toned muscles. This is not suitable for those who have a larger stomach since it can’t target the muscles as easily. If shedding fat is your main focus rather than toning the muscles, CoolSculpting is a better option to consider.

Can This Be Used On Other Areas Of The Body?

As of now, we have ESMCULPT applicators for the abs and buttocks area. We have applicators for arms and legs coming this fall 2019! You will be able to target stubborn inner thigh fat and prevent saggy arms.

If those spin classes or workout routines aren’t giving you the definition you want along with your core or butt, EMSCULPT can help. Reaching an exercise plateau can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re working so hard to achieve the results you’re after. Get in touch with us today at The Ottawa Skin Clinic to set up a consultation with one of our expert practitioners to learn more about this revolutionary technology and whether it can benefit you.