Do you suffer from dry scalp, thinning areas or general hair loss? We offer a restructuring hair care treatment that can help repair your hair and boost your confidence. Revitacare Haircare® treatments are clinically designed to rehydrate your scalp to produce strong and healthy hair. So whatever the cause of your hair loss is, this restructuring treatment can help to encourage hair regrowth and produce visible and dramatic results. To learn more, check out all the advantages that Revitacare Haircare® treatments can provide in this Service Showcase.

Advanced Treatment

This micro-injection-based treatment is made with a combination of nutrient-rich ingredients that pumps hydration into the deep layers of your scalp. What you get is a boost of vitamins to promote hair rejuvenation and improve follicle strength. The treatment promotes hair growth while eliminating dry skin and dandruff, protecting against breakage, and slowing down thinning hair.

Innovative Formula

What makes this treatment so useful is the innovative formula that contains a Restructuring Hair Complex RHB and hyaluronic acid. This powerful combination of nutrient-rich properties creates a highly effective hair recovery treatment that enables your hair to regain its vitality and become noticeably stronger.

Safe And Painless

The Revitacare Haircare® is non-invasive and safe treatments. So you never have to worry about feeling any discomfort during the procedure. Every micro-based injection is designed to be virtually pain-free and comfortable for patients.

Fast Results

In only a few sessions you will start to notice an improvement in the texture and look of your hair. During each session, a dose of the vitamin treatment is microinjected into the superficial epidermis of your scalp. As the formula penetrates into your hair roots, immediate hydration of your hair begins to take place. Over the six initial Revitacare Haircare® sessions you will start to notice dramatic results to the way your hair looks and feels. And you will enjoy more healthy and attractive hair over the term of your treatment.

A Winning Combination

Revitacare Haircare® Treatments can also be used in combination with our skin rejuvenation treatments for even better results. When used together, the Revitacare treatment provides the foundation contributing to the effects of the rejuvenation treatments. This produces exceptional cellular regeneration and hair follicle growth so you can experience more strengthening and healthier hair regrowth results.

Say goodbye to embarrassing dandruff, pattern hair loss and damaged hair. At The Ottawa Skin Clinic, we can provide you with all the information you need to get started with Revitacare Haircare® treatments to restore your hair and confidence. Contact us today.