Looking for ways to hydrate your skin and reverse the signs of aging? Then look no further than Hydra Facials from The Ottawa Skin Clinic. These multi-function treatments aim to detoxify and recharge your skin, giving you a gorgeous look and soft feel like no other treatment can. The HydraFacial MD® delivers amazing and instant results through super-serums that have gained recognition from celebrities and skincare professionals around the world. To learn more read on, as we highlight how this five-step process can change the look and health of your skin in a matter of minutes.


The first step of this advanced skin care process involves a deep and revitalizing cleansing and exfoliation. Gently removing the dead skin cells with a specialized cleanser and hydrating serum can reveal the healthy skin that’s hidden underneath.


Once your cleanse is complete, a gentle acid peel is applied to loosen any dirt and debris that may be clogging your pores. The strength of peel will be matched to your facial type and skin concern to ensure you get the most benefits.


An automated extraction process is then performed to help clear any buildup and further tighten the pores. Vortex suction is combined with a specialized tip that is both pain-free and non-irritating to your skin. Plus, honey extract, flower extract, and salicylic acid are infused into your skin to add ample hydration.


What makes this treatment unique is its ability to hydrate the skin during every stage of the process. The HydraFacial MD® serums use calming and soothing extracts that penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and gives your skin a boost of hydration and moisture. The fourth step uses Vortex-Fusion™ serum that delivers nourishing antioxidant serums, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to give your skin cells a boost of healthy nutrients for amazing looking skin.


Once your treatment is complete, your aesthetician will apply products and targeted treatments to ensure that your skin is protected from all the free radicals and environmental pollutants that can damage your skin. Protecting your skin with extra hydrating and SPV serums will ensure it remains looking beautiful long after your treatment.

Treatment Augmentations

Your Hydra Facial treatment can be augmented with three clinical treatments to help improve your skin even further. Let us show you how the Hydra Lymphatic Drainage treatment will help to detox your skin and improve its overall circulation and texture. If acne is a problem, a Blue Light Therapy can be added to target and normalize acne-causing bacteria. For younger looking skin, Red Light Therapy can be utilized to help stimulate the production of collagen and repair damaged skin cells, leaving your skin looking radiant and smooth.

Feel revitalized and look your best with this innovative and restorative Hydra Facial treatment. This sophisticated and advanced resurfacing system will transform your skin almost instantly. For your HydraFacial MD® consultation, call us at The Ottawa Skin Clinic for an appointment today!