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Want to eliminate unwanted fat and look your most stunning? Long ago, invasive and uncomfortable surgeries were the only way. Today, that changes. Ottawa Skin Clinic is excited to be working with SculpSure to deliver their FDA-cleared, fully customizable treatment solutions, boasting an over 90-percent patient satisfaction rate! This is no ordinary laser treatment – it enables for you to get up and running right after your 25-minute session, no downtime needed. From the stomach to love handles, thighs and even under the chin, treatment can be customized to suit your preferences – and deliver brilliant results.


SculpSure is an innovative treatment method designed to be non-invasive, more comfortable and hassle-free when it comes to restoring your body’s appearance. It works to diminish the presence of unwanted fat with versatile applicators, which can be fitted to suit a wide range of body shapes and sizes. These submental applicators offer precise, effective treatment and faster results with none of the long-term effects or extended recovery times associated with surgeries.