With little time available or low tolerance for pain, skin resurfacing treatments can easily seem intimidating and too time-consuming to consider. But with ClearLift Plus, you can tackle your skin issues with this advanced and effective laser treatment that is virtually painless and fast so you can be done and ready to head back to the office during your lunch hour.

If you have sensitive skin and have been contemplating whether or not to try a skin resurfacing treatment, here’s how ClearLift Plus can help you.

What is ClearLift Plus?

If you suffer from sensitive skin, it can be a hassle to deal with. It can make your skin react to numerous products and environments that can leave it looking rough, wrinkled, irritated and unhealthy. But thanks to Alma Lasers, this highly effective treatment was designed with sophisticated technology to provide fast, pain-free and non-invasive relief to those with more sensitive skin.

How Does the Treatment Work?

During treatment, lasers create a very precise, controlled dermal wound beneath the surface of the skin. This stimulates your collagen production, which is what improves the texture and pigmentation of it, leaving it looking rejuvenated and recharged.

How Long Do Treatments Take?

The duration of treatments will vary depending on the area being targeted. But in general, treatments take approximately one hour that could be squeezed in during your lunch break since there’s no downtime required.

What Results Will ClearLift Plus Deliver?

This treatment was designed to provide clients who suffer from sensitive skin with a better alternative to abrasive treatments that can require a more significant amount of downtime. With ClearLift Plus, you can finally target those areas that bother you and enjoy a rejuvenated complexion that you can feel proud to show off to the world immediately after treatment.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

With advanced laser technology, this treatment can target just about any sensitive area including the hands, neck, face, and around the eyes.

If you’ve lost that supple look around the eyes or anywhere around the facial area, you don’t have to live with that insecurity. You can rejuvenate with ClearLift Plus with as little as 60 minutes.  So if you’re ready to bypass your insecurities and obtain a healthy, smoother complexion, contact The Ottawa Skin Clinic today.