by Dr Alain Michon
Have you noticed your hair shedding and thinning out in certain areas lately? Thankfully, there’s
a treatment that could help, known as PRP. Sometimes jokingly referred to as ‘MiracleGro for
the scalp,’ it’s an effective way to improve and restore your hairline by harnessing the power of
your body’s repair system.

What is PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

This advanced procedure uses your own platelets within your blood to expedite the regrowth of
your hair, helping it grow in full and thick. The key is your platelets contain potent growth
factors, which have been used in many other rejuvenation treatments and areas of medicine.
They can also stimulate hair follicles, allow hair to regrow healthily, and restore loss of volume
over time.

What is the PRP Treatment Process?

A PRP treatment starts with a small amount of blood being drawn from your arm with a small
needle, which then gets placed into a machine that spins it rapidly to separate the unwanted cells.
It sounds uncomfortable, but it’s actually pretty cool to see it happen! Once complete, the
plateletrich plasma will then be injected into various sections of the scalp, carefully targeting the
areas where the hair is at its most sparse.

This process usually takes 30 minutes or less to complete. For the best results, treatments must
be consistent. Ideally, patients would start with a PRP treatment once a month, over the span of
four months. One treatment may be needed every four to six months following the initial
treatment sessions but will vary based on each individual. Results are usually visible within the
first few months or so.

Who is PRP Hair Loss Treatment Suitable For?

PRP hair loss treatment is ideal for those suffering from androgenic alopecia, where hair
becomes sparse around the top portion of the scalp. However, it can be used for most patients
who are experiencing some form of hair loss and thinning. It is always best to talk first with your
family physician to ensure there is no treatable medical cause for your hair loss.
Many people can benefit from this advanced hair restoration treatment, such as:

Women with balding or hair thinning
Men with balding or hair thinning
Patients with alopecia
Patients from 18 years and older
Hair loss due to stress

What are the Risks?

The idea of having blood drawn and plasma injected into the scalp may seem intimidating for
some, but it is a safe and widely used procedure with minimal discomfort and risks. Some
patients may experience discomfort, swelling or bruising for the first few days. If there is any
mild pain, Tylenol is recommended.

What About Recovery Time?

Since this is a quick and minimally invasive procedure, there is next to no downtime required.
Following treatment, however, no hair products should be used on the scalp for the first day.
These include hair spray, gel, hair colouring, or anything that contains harsh chemicals. These
could cause irritation and painful sensations on the scalp.

Side effects are rare and usually mild. Overall, you will be able to resume normal activities the
following day. Continue to wash your hair as you would, being gentle around the areas where the injections were placed.