Summers in Ottawa and Gatineau can really crank up the heat, and all of that UV ray exposure can make your skin vulnerable to photodamage. That’s why taking the necessary steps to protect and rejuvenate the skin is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. For tips on how to prevent and repair sun damage, read on.

Having an arsenal of quality products for your skin is the first step in providing the necessary protection that it needs. Here are some recommended products that are formulated to replenish the skin cells and improve complexion.

SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50 & Physical Eye UV Defense

Applying SPF is imperative throughout the summer months (and even those sunny winter days). But many products leave your skin feeling greasy, which can end up clogging your pores and ending in breakouts. Instead, Physical Fusion by SkinCeuticals provides the protection you need with a weightless finish that won’t leave your skin feeling gross.

They also offer Physical Eye UV Defence SPF 50 which can be applied to the eye area without leaving you with a stinging after effect.

Clarifying Clay Mask & Phyto Corrective Masks

With all of the heat, sweat, and sunscreen involved, our pores can get clogged up frequently throughout the summer months. As our skin naturally hydrates, it can lead to a rough texture and breakouts. But a great way to combat this is by using a Clay mask to soothe and replenish the skin. SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Mask blends hydroxyl acid and natural clays from the earth to clear out the pores.

The Phyto Corrective Mask can then be applied once the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, to balance and replenish your skin’s natural moisture production.

In addition to utilizing quality skin care products as part of your daily skin care routine, covering up your skin with appropriate clothing is equally important during the summer. Always dress accordingly depending on your plans. If you plan on being out at the beach and in the sun for a long period of time, be sure to bring a wide-brimmed hat to cover your face, ears, and neck.

As glorious as it is to feel the sunshine beaming down on your skin, it’s important to be smart about sun exposure and reduce any sun damage by protecting your skin before heading outside. Always plan ahead and be prepared.  For more ideas on how to treat your skin right, check out our list of skin rejuvenating treatments offered by The Ottawa Skin Clinic.