Spending time pampering yourself carries many benefits beyond the fact that it makes you look and feel better. Taking the time for self-care can reduce the onset of premature aging, along with a range of stress-induced issues when you allow yourself to decompress and relax. If you’re looking for an excuse to treat yourself, your skin, and your body, we’ve got the perfect treatments to help you rejuvenate and take that much-deserved break. So go ahead and pamper yourself, you deserve it!

Advanced Medical-Grade Facials That Soothe

The face is where we contain a great deal of our stress. The muscles around your eyes and mouth are tense throughout the day and often even at night when you lay down to sleep. And considering the fact that our skin gets exposed 365 days a year to the stresses of life – including weather, environmental pollutants, UV rays, and dry, cold air – it could use some TLC on a regular basis.

At The Ottawa Skin Clinic, we offer a variety of different facial treatments that are designed to target those elements and replenish your skin. For example, you can try our Oxygenating Trio Facial that uses antioxidant therapy to help correct and prevent free radical damage. Or how about our MicroPeel treatments Renew 20/10, AHA Duo, or Renew 30, designed to treat aging, photo-damaged, or environmentally damaged skin? We’ve got something for everyone.

Chemical Peels That Heal

When skin has to endure all of that pressure throughout the day, it naturally begins to show signs of wear and tear, just like anything would. That’s when our skin develops dull uneven texture, breakouts, and wrinkles. But thankfully, you can hit the “reset” button with a simple chemical peel. With our customized treatments, we can scrub away the old dead skin and leave you with a fresh layer that’s rejuvenated, supple and smooth.

Relaxation With Every Treatment

When you walk into a spa-like setting such as The Ottawa Skin Clinic, a relaxing and calming environment immediately greets you. Every treatment is designed to put you front and center with exquisite care, comfort, and quality service. Relaxation is embedded into each and every service we offer.

So come take a load off at The Ottawa Skin Clinic. With our exceptionally trained staff and customized treatments, you’ll find the right treatment for your skin type and be well taken care of.  With the amount of stress that your skin has to endure each and every day, it’s time to give your body the pampering it really deserves.