A Promising Tale of My Laser Hair Removal in Ottawa

I had tried everything to get rid of my unwanted hair.

As a teenager, I was plagued with what I felt was dark hair on my legs and bikini area which, as someone who loves to swim, made my life incredibly complicated almost every morning. While I knew of the existence of laser hair removal at the time, I felt it was too early to begin such measures since they had just appeared on the market.

In the early 2000s, I would always have on hand an arsenal of products such as razors, hair removal creams and even wax, yet nothing seemed to alleviate the pain I felt from not being able to enjoy a carefree life—especially in the summer.

My friends, who had virtually no hair of which to be ashamed, did not understand why I had to shave every day or get painful waxing every three weeks… which came at a pretty hefty price too!

Then, almost seven years ago, a colleague of mine—who also had dark hair—advised me of an esthetics school where I could get laser treatments far away from the downtown core. I decided … why not try it to see?

If only I had done my research prior to going to that school! I found it so painful, even more so than waxing. I promised myself I would not undergo another laser treatment until a clinic offering laser hair removal in Ottawa would possess a pain-free laser… no matter when that would be!

Fast forward to the present moment: there is a new laser in town and I simply cannot wait to try it this time! The Soprano diode laser is exactly what I have been looking for all these years: virtually pain-free and only requiring between 6 to 8 sessions to see an 80% reduction in my body hair.

On top of that, only the best laser salons in Ottawa carry this laser and their welcoming and luxurious atmosphere is enough for me to feel like I actually went to a spa. What a difference from waxing…

When life is already complicated enough, perhaps it is now time to treat myself to a few sessions of laser hair removal in Ottawa and see whether I can at least space out the days I need to shave. If that works, who knows, maybe I will go for all 8 sessions and finally have smooth legs all year long… effort and pain free!