The styles and trends are constantly changing, and that goes for men’s facial hair, too. Whether it’s a full beard or a little stubble, your facial hair can say a lot about you, and it indeed makes an impact on your first impressions with others. But no matter what style you’re sporting, keeping facial hair well-groomed is important to avoid being swept up in the “grungy” or unhygienic category. A little quality attention can really make all the difference. Learn how to elevate your appearance with our guide to men’s beard grooming.

Allow Hairs to Grow in Evenly

It can be hard to resist the urge to style and trim away as your facial hair grows in, but for the best results, try to avoid touching it. Beards take time to grow, so give it however long it needs to grow in evenly. This can make it much easier to work with and style later on.

Style Your Beard to Suit Your Face Shape

To achieve the best look for your facial features, determine what style of beard suits your particular face shape.  For example, oval face shapes generally work well with any style of beard, whereas those with a more squared shape tend to look better with tightly trimmed sides and more hair along the chin. So before it’s time to style the beard, you should first figure out which style matches best with your particular face shape.

Learn How and When to Trim

First of all, if you’re serious about maintaining a good-looking beard, you’ll need to invest in a decent quality trimmer. Then, learning how and when to trim is essential. Here are a few tips to remember during your beard maintenance routine:

  •    Pre-trim – Since beard hair can be coarse, it requires a little love before picking up the trimmer. Wash your beard using warm water and cleanser to soften the hair and clean away any dead skin cells. Dry it and then run a comb through it a few times to tidy up the hair before sculpting it. This makes the process much easier.
  •    Tidy the Neckline – The neckline is usually a good spot to begin since it’s one of the most noticeable areas — even if your beard looks great, having an unkempt neck can throw the whole thing off. Just imagine there’s a line running under the neck that connects from ear to ear. Any skin beneath that should be either shaved with a trimmer to create a gradually faded stubble or a clean, sharp line, depending on your preference.
  •    Keep it Below the Cheeks – Remove any hair that’s around the cheeks. This can make your beard appear messy and too harsh for your facial features. If you do have unwanted hair that’s stubborn to remove, hair removal treatments can help get rid of it for good.

Keep Her Clean

Just like with any body part, it’s important to keep your beard clean by giving it a good wash and scrub several times per week. This helps minimize any itchiness as the hair grows in. We recommend using a designated beard cleanser. Also, be gentle as you dry it to avoid frizz.

Tame Frizz With Beard Oil

Even when you are gentle when patting it dry, frizz and split ends can still happen. In this case, it’s beard oil to the rescue! The majority of beard oils will tame fizz while conditioning, which will leave your facial hair feeling and smelling amazing — and that’s something your partner will appreciate too!

Brush It Every Day

Brushing your beard is just as important as brushing your hair. This helps keep it neat and tidy while also training any stubborn hairs to grow in a certain direction. A good comb through and a little bit of oil can make a huge difference.

Trim the Moustache

Since beards generally include the moustache, don’t forget to include it during your trimming sessions. The main area to focus on is the philtrum which is the spot just below the nose. Also, keep it clean along the lip area and apply some wax if needed to hold it in place. Overhanging hairs around the mouth are never attractive.

With so many trimmers and products available at your disposal, maintaining a sharp looking beard has never been easier. Keep your facial hair look its best by following these simple steps!