What is the Main Difference Between Facials in Ottawa and Chemical Peels?

Before going on our yearly summer vacation, many of us search for ways we can give our skin a little dose of TLC and tap into its natural radiance so we can glow by the campfire, by the beach… and beyond!

Of course, no matter what the so-called home remedies available on-line claim to promise, outstanding results can only be achieved by professional-grade treatments in a reputable skin clinic.

Indeed, one of the most recurring questions in terms of skin care relates to the differences between the varieties of facials in Ottawa and of course, how they compare to chemical peels offered in supervised medical clinics.

Chemical peels are specially designed to remove the layer of dead skin which is hiding the natural radiance of your face. Chemical peels in Ottawa, which are offered in supervised medical clinics offer a much higher concentration of active ingredients than peels offered over-the-counter, which often provide very little results.

Medically supervised chemical peels are the best way to achieve long-lasting results and best of all, they are hassle and pain-free! After your chemical peel in Ottawa, you will be able to go shopping, drive, go home or have a coffee with friends. Your normal routine will not be affected at all.

It’s important to know that for a few hours after your peel, you should not expose your skin to the sun and, of course, wear sunscreen to protect it while it’s still vulnerable.

Facials, on the other hand, are offered to customers who wish to experience a relaxing and rejuvenating skin care treatment which eliminates blackheads, moisturizes and exfoliates the outer layers of your skin for the ultimate glow. Furthermore, professional-grade facials in Ottawa are capable of being tailored to your skin’s specific needs!

Of course, it is possible to combine both treatments as long as they are appropriately spaced-out during the course of the months. Your medically supervised skin clinic will be able to tailor a skin care regimen to meet your specific goals in no time.

Our skin is our largest organ—yet we often mistreat it by subjecting it to strong UV rays, stress, pollution and long work days. However, you can now pamper your senses, skin and soul thanks to facials in Ottawa or a chemical peel, both designed to dazzle you—and those around you— by providing you with the glowing skin you deserve.

This summer, be bold… be radiant!