Looking for fuller, more defined brows without the extensive procedure of permanent makeup?

Nano Brow is the answer.*

Ottawa Skin Clinic is excited to introduce Nano Brow, a specialized technique using micropigmentation to give your eyebrows a 3D illusion of natural-looking brows. Unlike microblading, which can result in blurring, the Nano Brow technique is a much more precise process. Enjoy flawless hair strokes and natural-looking eyebrows for up to five years, with optional colour boosts after 12 months.*

The Nano Brow technique uses advanced permanent makeup machines by Artliner™ and an ultra-fine 0.18mm Nano Needle. Pigment is accurately dispensed from the cartridge through the needle, creating flawless, natural-looking hair strokes. The result is a fuller, more defined brow customized to your exact specifications. Never worry about tweezing, waxing, threading, or permanent makeup ever again!*