Why This Acne Scar Treatment Could Be the Best Option For Your Skin

Acne can be a problem that follows you throughout your life. Even after your hormonal teen years you can experience the aftermath of acne through scars and irritable sensitive skin throughout adulthood. There are several acne scar treatments out there that can be tried at home or at a professional skin care clinic, but these treatments don’t work for every skin type. Everyone has different skin, and unfortunately acne scar treatments aren’t one-size-fits-all.

In the last few years, a new acne scar treatment has been introduced, which has a lighter impact on most skin types and heals more quickly than traditional processes. Micro needling treatment uses a series of small needles to activate collagen in the skin. This treatment is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy and has an elastin-producing response that reduces the overall appearance of acne scars.

Micro needling treatment does not use harmful chemical peels or harsh lasers like many other acne scar treatments that often damage the outer layer of the skin, called the epidermis, and leave your face feeling extra sensitive and sore. With micro needling treatment, tiny needles are injected into the second layer of skin, called the dermis, which greatly speeds up recovery time and boosts your body’s regenerative process, encouraging existing collagen to produce healthy proteins and more collagen-rich tissues.

Collagen is an important skin tissue that helps with the structure and smoothness of your skin. The more collagen produced, the more likely it is to fill the scars and marks caused by acne, wrinkles and even stretch marks. Other acne scar treatments can irritate the skin, have longer healing times, and sometimes don’t even turn out to be successful; micro needling treatment simply encourages the body’s natural instinct to heal and develop proteins and tissues that will have your skin looking smoother, younger and healthier in no time.

Nearly half of all adults are troubled with acne and the scars from their adolescent years. With a plethora of acne scar treatments available, from chemical peels to laser skin resurfacing and platelet-rich plasma injections, it’s important to know that not all of them are successful with many different skin types. Micro needling treatment is one of the few processes that is less irritable to the skin and heals quickly to have your skin feeling brand new. You’ll be able to put your best face forward and gain the confidence and comfort you’ve always deserved.