Whether it’s genetics, age or other underlying conditions, when eyebrows grow sparse or begin to thin out, they can impact your appearance quite drastically. That’s why more people are starting to seek out treatments that can help. But with treatments like microblading gaining increasing popularity, people are beginning to discover the imprecise and blurred results that it can often produce. This can end up detracting from the natural-look that is crucial with permanent pigments.

In light of this problem, The Ottawa Skin Clinic now offers Nano Brow treatments. This is a specialized treatment that delivers the most precise hair stroke technique in the industry to give your eyebrows a 3D illusion of natural-looking brows.

If you’re tired of dealing with sparse brows and are looking for a treatment you can feel confident about, here’s how Nano Brow can help.


 The Nano Brow Technique

Tired of using makeup to fill in your brows? Your body gives you enough to deal with, so when it comes to your brows, why not let technology take care of them for you? The Nano Brow is a specialized technique that dispenses extremely precise pigment strokes through the advanced Artliner machines. By utilizing an ultra-fine 0.18mm NanoNeedle, each application mimics the natural hair strokes of eyebrows to create fuller, defined brows according to your specifications and preference.


How Long Does The Nano Brow Last?

With this effective treatment, you can enjoy flawless full brows for up to five years! Colour boosts are often necessary after 12 months to maintain the correct pigment, but just imagine with a few simple treatments, you don’t have to worry about dealing with your brows every day.


Is The Procedure Safe?

This procedure is safe and virtually painless. During treatment, a numbing agent is applied to ensure that you’re comfortable with minimal to no sensation in the targeted area. With the sophisticated tools and pigmentation, treatments are effective and quick so that you can go on with your day in no time.

Do You Provide A Selection Of Pigments?

We understand that everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to shaping and of course, the pigment of the hair strokes. That’s why we offer premium quality micro pigments that provide an extensive range to match correctly. In addition to quality pigments, they are also designed to prevent colour changes, to protect against infection and even prevent allergic reactions.

Imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful. But when it comes to sparse, thinning brows, it can impact your self-confidence and make you feel less than beautiful. With the advanced Nano Brow treatment, you don’t have to let that stop you. With this treatment, you can have flawless, natural-looking brows that can give you back that confidence. Book an appointment with The Ottawa Skin Clinic today to learn more about this treatment and much more.