Wrinkles are like our beauty lines that give us character and hold subtle signs of the history of our past. But when wrinkles begin to dominate our features, they can become more imposing than charming. Aging doesn’t mean letting wrinkles define your features or your character. And sometimes they can even give us permanent looking expressions that simply don’t define how we really feel. Thankfully, there are ways you can balance out those aging lines.

First off, let’s take a look at the two main categories of wrinkles:


These wrinkles are the most common since they generally appear from our frequent expressions. So laugh lines, crows’ feet or even the furrowed brow look are all dynamic wrinkles.

In addition, as the muscles become repeatedly tense, together with aging, collagen fibres deplete and the plump layer of skin becomes increasingly pulled in towards these tense muscles, which causes those expression lines to worsen over time. In some cases, this can leave people looking like they’re in a constant state of anger even when they’re not.


Static wrinkles refer to more harsh lines that are caused by the natural aging process, and tend to be exacerbated by excessive skin damage, stress, and inflammation. Collagen and elastin become weakened, resulting in deep lines and folds in the skin.

Treating Wrinkles

Cosmetic Injections

For dynamic, expression-based wrinkles that develop from repeated expression and tension, a neuromodulator injectable such as Botox® Cosmetic is your best option. These treatments are specifically designed with these wrinkles in mind, and can smooth out areas of the skin while relaxing the muscle.

Laser Resurfacing

For wrinkles that are more severe and harsh due to the aging process, you can also consider the option for laser resurfacing, which can tighten the skin and smooth out those harsh wrinkles.

Filler Treatment

For deeper folds that occur around areas of the face, filler treatments are optimal. This can plump up an area giving it natural looking volume while smoothing it out.

Wrinkles are endearing and give us character, but only when they don’t overshadow our true expressions. If your wrinkles are beginning to define you, visit your The Ottawa Skin Clinic to discuss what your options are and how you can get back to expressing how you really feel.