Laser Hair Removal Services

Unwanted hair: unfortunately, it’s something that most of us have to deal with. It’s something that might have been bothering you for a while, and although you’ve tried shaving, waxing, hair removal creams and other remedies that are short-lived and ineffective, the hair persistently returns. You’ve considered laser hair removal, however, you’ve heard that it’s painful and doesn’t necessarily work for every skin type, and many other points against the treatment – essentially, you’ve heard inaccurate, out-dated information.

Because that was then, and this is now: at the Ottawa Skin Clinic, we value your comfort. We offer laser hair reduction using the state-of-the-art Alma Lasers Soprano ICE.*

Super Hair Removal (SHR™) Method

The Soprano ICE laser is a cutting-edge and world class instrument. It is virtually pain-free, ensuring that your experience at the Ottawa Skin Clinic is as comfortable and convenient as possible. Alma’s SHR™ (Super Hair Removal) hair reduction method offers a simple, one-stop solution for truly effective hair reduction in typical cases using groundbreaking technology. SHR™ uses a gradual heating method to target the hair follicles without affecting the surrounding skin.*