Looking for a simple and painless way to remove unwanted hair? You should check out laser hair removal treatments to reduce any annoying body hair. Sure, you could shave, tweeze, thread, or wax, but these methods are only temporary and often result in irritation, ingrown hairs, and are also time-consuming and potentially painful. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, schedule a consultation and discover the benefits that are available for you. Here we outline how laser hair removal is performed and why so many people have switched to this technique.

Long Lasting

Laser hair reduction uses laser energy to target the hair follicles and prevent future growth. Regular waxing and shaving methods only remove the hair shaft and do not reach into the skin layers. This is why unwanted hair grows back almost immediately when you shave or wax. With laser removal, the pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the wavelengths and future hair regrowth is prevented.


Contrary to what you may have heard in the past, laser hair removal is safe for use on all types of skin tones and skin tones. During the procedure, a professional aesthetician uses state-of-the-art devices to target only the hair follicle while the surrounding skin and tissues are left undamaged. And it’s safe to use on your face, arms, underarms, legs, and bikini area with little discomfort.

Fast and Easy

When it comes to pain, you don’t have to worry. The treatment is essentially painless, and you can treat multiple areas in one session. Also, the side effects, if any, are minimal – slight red or flushed skin effects lasting for only a day at the most.

World-Class Technology

World-class technology ensures you experience a simple solution for effective hair removal. For example, Super Hair Removal or SHR, is a hair reduction method that uses a gradual heating method to target only the follicles, ensuring the surrounding skin is not affected. It’s both a convenient and comfortable solution for pain-free hair removal.

Innovative and Effective

Revolutionary technology like In-Motion Technology uses a sweeping technique allowing professionals to cover more area with more comfort. A process that is so innovative, that clients have reported that they’ve experienced about an 80% reduction in hair after the recommended 6-10 treatments.

Whatever your hair type, if you wish to say goodbye to unwanted hair forever, then laser hair reduction is right for you. Talk to your skin care team at The Ottawa Skin Clinic today for a consultation.