Makeup gives us the ability to enhance our facial features, conceal any bothersome imperfections, and boost our self-confidence. It can also be damaging to our skin and overall health when worn in excess each and every day. Here we’ll show why you should try to keep your makeup to a minimum and reap the rewards at the same time!


Much of the makeup that you wear contains fragrances and preservatives that have been found to trigger allergic reactions in people. If you’re someone who is sensitive to certain cosmetics, you should definitely try to keep your makeup to a minimum. By reducing the amount that you wear, you can minimize or even eliminate any potential allergic reactions and skin sensitivities that are commonly associated with the chemicals found in makeup.

Say Goodbye to Infection

The majority of the makeup we apply tends to be focused near the delicate and sensitive eye area. And when you’re putting a lot of makeup close to your eyes, particles can easily end up permeating them, which can lead to infections. So always be extra cautious of the products and the amount that you’re applying to this sensitive area. And try to stick with more natural, lighter applications.

Breathe Easier

Sprays and facial mists may feel great on your skin, but the aerosols that they contain can cause respiratory issues. Some other common ingredients can also be hazardous if inhaled, so keep these to a minimum by reducing your exposure and checking the ingredients on the back of the bottle before using.

A Healthier You

Your makeup could be increasing your exposure to toxins since many brands still use chemicals that have been shown to be cancer causing. And, of course, the more makeup you apply that contains these chemicals, the more toxins that get absorbed into your skin. So if you’re not sure what you’re putting on your body, you should check with a skincare specialist first to ensure that you’re not absorbing any damaging chemicals or metals into your system.

Get Clearer, Healthier Skin

Makeup may work well to conceal any spots or imperfections on your skin, but it can also contribute to those breakouts. Some are even designed to penetrate deep into the layers of your skin in order to stay on longer, making them even more difficult to remove completely. But by wearing less makeup, it can actually become much easier to maintain a brighter, healthier looking complexion since you won’t have a thick layer of chemicals clogging up your pores.

As you can see, there are many benefits to reducing the amount of makeup that you wear on your skin. By going a little more “au natural” and minimizing the amount that you apply, you can enjoy healthier looking skin while significantly reducing the number of chemicals that are entering your system.

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