With busy schedules and not enough time in the day to take care of ourselves, it can quickly begin to show throughout the surface of our skin. Thankfully, when the wear and tear become noticeable, there are treatments that you can take advantage of that won’t impede your time. However, if you have sensitive skin or a low tolerance for pain, these factors can be enough to deter you from seeking out treatments that can truly help. But with the skin resurfacing treatment of ClearLift Plus offered by The Ottawa Skin Clinic, you can repair your skin problems without having to worry. Here’s why.


ClearLift Plus Non-Abrasive Resurfacing Treatment

Looking for a skin treatment that won’t aggravate your sensitive skin? The Ottawa Skin Clinic is proud to offer this advanced treatment that is virtually painless, non-abrasive, and with little to no downtime required. That means you can pop in for a treatment and be out in time to head back to the office in as little as 20 minutes.


How Does ClearLift Plus Work?

This highly effective and rejuvenating skin treatment utilizes advanced technology that delivers a controlled dermal wound beneath the surface of the skin. The power of advanced laser resurfacing technology offers the ability to generate revitalized skin through short, powerful bursts of light that stimulate collagen without damaging the outer layer of the skin.


How Does This Compare to Other Skin Treatments?

Collagen is what enables our skin to maintain that youthful looking firmness and even texture. That is why many skin resurfacing treatments and chemical peels can be harsh, particularly for those with sensitive skin. ClearLift Plus, however, provides those effective restorative results without the abrasiveness that can aggravate your skin. This treatment is comfortable, precise, and takes very little time to complete.

With the combination of being virtually pain-free and non-abrasive with no downtime necessary, ClearLift provides patients with the first laser treatment designed for sensitive areas such as the hands, neck, face, and around the eyes.

If you feel frustrated by certain areas of your skin and are worried about any factors of pain, irritation or downtime with available treatments, ClearLift Plus is a match for you. For those seeking a treatment that can improve delicate areas in a comfortable, safe and quick manner, contact us today at The Ottawa Skin Clinic. We can schedule a consultation and answer any questions or concerns you have to help get you started towards having healthier, rejuvenated skin in as little as 20 minutes.