At The Ottawa Skin Clinic, our professional skin care team is proud to offer one of the most innovative micro-needling options available – INFINI Radiofrequency. With INFINI you can get soft and rejuvenated skin without the need to undergo an invasive treatment. It’s designed to tighten and improve the skin’s overall texture and also to reduce damage and scars safely and effectively. To find out more about how this advanced skin care treatment can benefit you, read on.

Stimulates Collagen

INFINI Radiofrequency uses a handheld device made of gold-plated microneedles to send radiofrequency energy deep below the surface of the skin. The energy helps to stimulate the body’s collagen growth that in turn, tightens the tissue and promotes firmer skin. This breakthrough technique also utilizes the body’s natural healing process to improve any areas of skin damage greatly.

Offers a Wide Range of Benefits

With INFINI, you get one treatment to address a wide range of skin benefits such as firming up your skin, reducing acne and trauma scaring, repairing sun damage, revitalizing ageing skin, and enhancing tone and texture.

It’s Safe and Effective

This minimally invasive procedure works to protect the top layer of the skin while reaching deep into the lower levels to activate the body’s natural chemistry. INFINI is safe and gentle and can be used for all skin types including sensitive skin and even tanned skin. Most patients report only mild discomfort with any sensations passing shortly after the treatment. Some minor bruising or bleeding may occur, but it heals quickly and can be covered with makeup after 24 hours.

As the healing process occurs, you will gradually be able to see firmer and youthful-looking skin with visual benefits occurring after a few weeks. Skin firming and smoothing should further continue for several months after your treatment plan.

Can Be Used As A Combination Treatment

The INFINI treatment can be used alone or with other non-surgical treatments like rejuvenation treatments to accelerate the body’s repair process even further to provide enhanced skin rejuvenation. When used together, this releases growth factors that assist in triggering the body to release collagen and elastin.

Fast And Simple

During your initial consultation, one of our skin care professionals will discuss your concerns and create a customized treatment plan for your needs. The length of treatment will depend on the number of areas and size being targeted, but a majority of our patients are usually treated in as little as an hour over a series of three to five sessions for maximum results. Once the treatment is completed, you are free to return to your daily activities with zero downtime.

To find out more about how you can start your INFINI treatment plan, contact us at The Ottawa Skin Clinic today.