Skincare experts explain whether you should apply your sunscreen before or after moisturizer — and why

Sunscreen is an essential part of any skin care regimen, for people of every age, gender, and skin color. Applying sunscreen daily helps protect your skin from sun damage that can contribute to visible signs of premature aging and cause skin cancer.

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8 Best Salicylic Acid Products That Get You Clearer, Healthier Skin

Doctors and skincare enthusiasts can’t get enough of salicylic acid, a game-changing beauty ingredient that can be used on your face, body, and scalp. With thousands of salicylic acid products like acne face washes and face toners on Amazon, I hit up a few skincare experts to learn why this ingredient is undoubtedly worth the hype.

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This 1-Minute Trick Will De-Bloat Your Face, Beauty Experts Say

Does it feel like your face is always bloated? No matter what you do, definition doesn’t come through. Maybe your under-eyes are puffy after a late night, or perhaps your cheekbones just don’t pop like they used to. If you’re searching for an easy, inexpensive way to de-puff your face, a beauty product you may already own should do the trick.

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17 Vitamin C Serums That Deliver Serious Skin-brightening Results

If you’re not already harnessing the holy-grail powers of a vitamin C serum in your skincare routine, you’re missing out on some key benefits. This ingredient is an expert-approved favorite that should be in everyone’s skincare routine, regardless of your skin type or sensitivity.

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Cold Shower Benefits You May Be Missing Out On

When you get ready to hop into the shower, what’s the first thing you do? If you’re like most people, your first step is probably reaching into the shower and cranking the water temperature to HOT. As you know, a hot shower can be a super relaxing, comforting way to start your day or end your night. But what if I told you taking a hot shower is not the best idea for you and your skin, and COLD water is actually the better choice?

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Are you using the right SPF—mineral or chemical? Does it even matter? A board-certified derm explains all

Ask a dermatologist if you should use mineral or chemical sunscreen, and they’ll likely say, “The one you’ll actually wear.” Dermatologists know a chalky finish or thick feel can prevent people from regularly using sunscreen, despite skin-health benefits it provides (helping defend against wrinkles, dark spots and, of course, skin cancer).

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13 Best Face Massage Tools for Glowing, Sculpted Skin

If you’re thinking of treating your skin to something really good, take this as your sign that it’s time. You may think that a massage or a facial at a spa is worth the splurge, but we’re here to introduce you to face massage tools. They can help you maintain that same level of sculpted glow from the comfort of your own home.

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9 Eco-Friendly Remedies and Preventatives for Dry Skin

As winter comes around, many people begin to suffer from the dreaded chapped lips and dry, flaky skin. The instinct is to slather on the first lip balm or moisturizer you can find, but all those little plastic tubes and tubs add up.

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The Daily Routine That Makes Me a Better Parent, According to 15 Dads

Routines and rituals are important for families. They give us a sense of identity, security, and belonging. And the right routines work to provide the same for our kids. A consistent parent is often a good parent.

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Shockwave Therapy for the Prevention of Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia After Cryolipolysis: Myth or Reality?

Check out our very own, Dr. Alain Michon, as he provides his expert opinion on if shockwave therapy for the prevention of Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia After Cryolipolysis is fact or fiction.

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A Prospective Study Determining Patient Satisfaction with Combined Cryolipolysis and Shockwave Therapy Treatment for Noninvasive Body Contouring

With an increased interest in non-surgical and minimally invasive body fat reduction and body contouring procedures with limited side effects and downtime, cryolipolysis has emerged as a compelling and safe alternative to surgical fat removal methods. Learn more here.

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Vital Protein

7 Basic Skincare Tips Every Guy Should Know

February 22, 2021

It’s safe to say that a man’s skincare routine looks a lot different than a woman’s. Aside from basic grooming – shaving, moisturizing, and things like trimming their beard – the majority of the opposite sex keep things simple. Check out seven basic skincare tips every guy should know here!

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7 Basic Skincare Tips Every Guy Should Know

February 5, 2021

Many people aren’t aware that, for best results, they should base their hair care and styling routines on the type and texture of their hair. Check out what makes hair texture and type different and how to care for your hair’s specific needs here.

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This Is the Best Possible Temperature for Your Shower

December 12, 2020

Showering may seem like one of the most straightforward parts of your day, but there are little things you could be doing wrong that might be making you miss out on the most beneficial aspects of this simple hygiene task. You may be showering at the wrong time, washing body parts that you shouldn’t, or even showering at the wrong temperature.

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6 Alopecia Shampoo Facts You Should Know

November 18, 2020

Do you feel your hair is thinning, or maybe even falling out? Hair loss can happen either gradually or suddenly and it affects everyone differently.

According to MedlinePlus, androgenic alopecia (hair loss) affects around 50 million men in the United States. One option for treating alopecia is using alopecia shampoo. The goal of alopecia shampoo is either to stop hair from thinning or cause new hair to re-grow in the scalp.

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Why you should make coconut oil your new shaving cream

October 14, 2020

Coconut oil is a total game changer. There are so many uses for coconut oil that it would take a day to scratch the surface of why it belongs in everyone’s kitchen cabinet. We’ll start. When you’re whipping something up in the kitchen, adding coconut oil can take your recipe up a notch. If you’re a beauty aficionado or DIY skincare queen and love finding new products that compliment your skin, coconut oil should have a permanent spot in your makeup bag. Seriously, the list goes on and on.

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5 Hair Loss Causes That Have Nothing To Do With Underlying Health Conditions

September 30, 2020

Pinpointing what is causing your hair loss symptoms can be difficult. There are many different types of hair loss, and some can arise without any underlying medical condition. Your primary care provider and dermatologist can help you identify hair loss causes and develop a treatment plan specifically for you that may include lifestyle changes.

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13 Ways Your Phone is Ruining Your Health

September 12, 2020

Cell phones may be the most significant blessing/curse combo technology has ever produced. Providing unlimited information at our fingertips, they prevent us from getting lost, waiting hours for a friend who’s running late or choosing a terrible restaurant for dinner (well, some of the time). They enable us to stay in touch with far-flung friends and family and discover amazing culture we otherwise wouldn’t uncover.

But researchers have found that our day-in, day-out reliance on the ubiquitous devices can have serious negative consequences on our physical and mental health.

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9 Harmful Beauty Ingredients (And What They Can Do to Your Skin)| FabFitFun

July 20, 2020

Clean beauty has been a pretty big deal over the last few years. You can shop anywhere from Sephora to Target and find packages labeled “paraben-free,” “sulfate-free,” or “contains no artificial fragrances.” While you may know these ingredients should be avoided, you may not know why.

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Everyday Habits That Can Make You Look Younger| The Delite

June 16, 2020

There’s no one magic trick to looking younger. If there were, we’d all be doing it. But there are lots of small, daily habits you can develop to help achieve a more fresh, youthful appearance.

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25 Warning Signs Your Kidneys Send You | BestLife

June 8, 2020

Your kidneys play an essential role when it comes to keeping you healthy, filtering waste products out of your body and promoting the growth of healthy red blood cells. Unfortunately, despite how important healthy kidneys are to your overall well-being, the signs of kidney problems are often so subtle that many people don’t realize there’s an issue with these vital organs until it’s too late.

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5 Self-Exams You Can Do at Home Right Now | Eat This, Not That!

May 25, 2020

It’s important to go to the doctor for a regular checkup. But even those of us who are diligent about our appointments will go months without being looked at by a medical professional. To fill the gap and ensure your health is being monitored on an ongoing basis, you have to rely on the person who knows your body best: You.

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“Body Conditioner” Is Our New Favorite Shower Staple | TotalBeauty

May 15, 2020

We all know that a good hair conditioner can make a huge difference for brittle and lifeless locks… but the concept of “body conditioner” is definitely less familiar.

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Ew, But Yes Please—Doctor Advice for Skin Tag Removal at Home | StyleCaster

April 20, 2020

If you’ve ever noticed a little fleshy piece of skin hanging off your neck, it could be a skin tag. And if it is, you may have contemplated researching how to handle skin tag removal at home. But before I give you the 411 on that process, here is some good news—you don’t have to worry about it being harmful to your health.

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Should You Sanitize Your iPhone? Here’s What The Experts Recommend | Romper

March 12, 2020

As people grow more conscious about hand hygiene in the time of coronavirus, there’s another potential germ carrier to keep in mind: your phone. Yes, you should sanitize your iPhone (or whatever model of phone you use), and it’s pretty easy to do, according to healthcare and cleaning experts. Plus, you probably already have the necessary cleaning products on hand.

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Why You Should Be Adding Vitamin C to Your Skincare Routine | Vital Proteins

March 9, 2020

For years, many of us have equated vitamin C with a cup of OJ in the morning. However, this powerhouse vitamin is also chock full of skin benefits just waiting to be discovered.

Eager to learn more? We spoke to the skin experts to find out exactly why you should be using vitamin C on your skin.

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17 Warning Signs Your Eyes Are Trying to Tell You About Your Health | BestLife

March 5, 2020

Our eyes are among the more sensitive parts of our bodies—and among the most vulnerable, too. According to a 2015 report from the Vision Council of America, more than 75 percent of American adults require some form of corrective vision device, and a significant 2008 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that approximately 27,000 individuals experience work-related eye injuries each year.

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13 Ways Your Phone is Ruining Your Health | EatThis, NotThat!

December 23, 2019

Cell phones may be the most significant blessing/curse combo technology has ever produced. Providing unlimited information at our fingertips, they prevent us from getting lost, waiting hours for a friend who’s running late or choosing a terrible restaurant for dinner (well, some of the time). They enable us to stay in touch with far-flung friends and family and discover amazing culture we otherwise wouldn’t uncover.

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Top Health and Fitness Trends For 2020 | AskMen

December 16, 2019

There’s no denying the past decade has seen major changes in the health and fitness world. From fitness trackers and meditation apps to meat-free meat and coconut oil on everything, it’s safe to say the 2010s were a wild time for modern-day fitness – and those next-level wellness trends are not going anywhere.

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Get Ahead of Dry Skin with These Dermatologist-Approved Beauty Tips | Vital Proteins

November 25, 2019

If cold weather is wreaking havoc on your skin, you’re not alone. Between commuting in subzero temperatures to working in dry conditions, it can constantly feel like you’re lathering up from head to toe. Here’s why: The skin is a brick-like layered structure of cells, which is usually able to hold in some moisture within. When the outside environment is cold and dry, this ability to hold moisture is significantly reduced.

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The Best Powder Sunscreens, According to Dermatologists | The Strategist

July 12, 2019

Dangerous UV rays aren’t just a threat when you’re at the beach or on the tennis court. Your daily commute or any other prolonged period out in the sun can be just as risky, which is why dermatologists say to apply sunscreen every morning — and ideally reapply it every two hours — to best protect your skin. A few good places to start are your face, neck, and hands, as those areas are disproportionately at risk for sun damage (as well as the first places to show signs of aging).

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Sunburn recovery 101 | Weight Watchers

June 25, 2019

Got a sunburn? Don’t worry – we guarantee you’re not alone. It’s easy to forget to put sunscreen on or to stay outside a bit too long when you’re having a good time. But since it’s too late to prevent a sunburn (we’ve got some tips for preventing one next time, though!), here are some things you can do to help your skin recover.

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Why Healing Skin Care Ingredients Are More Popular Than Ever

Why Healing Skin Care Ingredients Are More Popular Than Ever | The Klog

February 4, 2019

Centella asiatica, also known as cica, was far and away the buzziest skin care ingredient of 2018. Google searches of the soothing ingredient were up 800% – yes you read that right – last year versus 2016.

Also basking in their moment in the sun, er, skin care aisle, are a list of other calming and healing ingredients, including aloe vera. The age-old ingredient you may have previously only used to treat a sunburn, was also a top search term in 2018 and is getting top-billing in new formulas across various categories including toners, essences, and sheet masks.

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Neem Oil Will Be Your 2019 Skincare Savior

It’s Official: Neem Oil Will Be Your 2019 Skincare Savior | COOLS

January 8, 2019

It’s official: 2019 is the year of all-natural beauty. Exotic plants and holistic botanicals are rapidly taking the place of retinols, hyaluronic acids, and other synthetic ingredients that once reigned supreme. But, we’re experimenting beyond the basic aloe vera and coconut oil, and trying something a little more exotic.

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10 things you’re doing that are giving you body acne, according to dermatologists | Insider

November 30, 2018

We all know that hormones, diet, and skin-care products play a big part in influencing those nasty breakouts that appear on your face every so often. However, you’ll definitely want to acknowledge that body acne (which can occur on the chest, back, underarms, and bottom) can be particularly stubborn.

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A 5-Step Anti-Acne Skin Regimen & 10 Expert Tips from Dermatologists and Skincare Specialists

A 5-Step Anti-Acne Skin Regimen & 10 Expert Tips from Dermatologists and Skincare Specialists | Inspirations & Celebrations

November 29, 2018

Beautiful, blemish-free skin takes effort. From using the right skin products to sticking to a great daily skincare regimen, if you want to heal acne flare-ups and prevent future breakouts, then you need to know what to do. To help you get clear skin, today’s anti-acne skin guide shares a simple 5-step anti-acne skincare regimen plus 10 expert tips from Dermatologists and skincare specialists.

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What Really Happens When You Get A Tattoo Removed

What Really Happens When You Get A Tattoo Removed | HuffPost

July 31, 2018

If you’ve been scrutinizing that ink you got in your past, you’re not alone. One in 8 American adults regret getting at least one of their tattoos, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Fortunately for your younger self, there are ways in which you can go about erasing your once-permanent past decisions.

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How to Deal with Ingrown Hairs

How To Deal With Ingrown Hairs | AskMen

January 10, 2018

To smite thine enemy, first you must know thine enemy: ingrown hairs are ugly beasts that can ruin your day. But they’re not mythical monster; they’re medical ones. Specifically, they are defined as curled hairs that grow sideways under the skin rather than outward, causing irritation and producing a raised red bump or painful sore. Ouch.

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Should I get fillers in temples? Doctor Answers, Tips

August 8, 2018

I have quite a small face and a small head size (54 cm). I have always had a wider lower face compared to upper face. I have had some Botox in massetor jaw muscles about 3 months ago which has slimmed down my lower jaw. I also have some Botox between my eyebrows right now. Should I get fillers in my temples to try and widen the top of my face and balance it out?

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9 Surprising Shower Habits Your Dermatologist Hates

9 Surprising Shower Habits Your Dermatologist Hates

December 20, 2017

Who knew, but your shower routine could actually be affecting your health. Of course, when you’re soaping up, you’re probably not thinking about possible mistakes you’re making in the shower (you’re just shampooing and maybe singing, right?). But, you definitely should, as they’re surprisingly common and can be bad for you. Though it’s hard to break with your regular routine, it may be a good idea to examine certain shower habits, especially if you’ve noticed dry or irritated skin.

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Foods Dermatologists Say You Should Avoid

Foods Dermatologists Say You Should Avoid Slideshow

November 15, 2017

Seasons, mood fluctuations, and air pollutants are three seriously underrated conditions that could show up as acne on your face. The breakouts seem to come out of nowhere, they’re awkward and painful, and they often stick around for days. What’s especially frustrating is the lack of control you have over it all — it’s not as if you can tell your stress to just go away!

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man looking outside with his reflection

10 Skincare Myths (And What You Should Do Instead) | Dapper Confidential

We asked skin care experts about persistent misconceptions about proper skincare — why they’re wrong and what’s the truth behind the myth. If you’ve ever wondered if your skin really should be squeaky clean, this list is for you.

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10 things you're doing that are giving you body acne, according to dermatologists

Why your pimples always pop up in the same places – Business Insider

April 30, 2018

If you can predict the location of your next zit as accurately as your next period cycle, you may be a victim of the “pimple pattern phenomenon.” Although you may be cursing the laws of nature for allowing pimples to keep rearing up like a bad Tinder date, it’s actually our own habits that end up being the main cause.

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9 Ways To Soothe Itchy Skin In The Winter

Dry Skin Relief: 9 Ways To Soothe Itchy Skin In The Winter

February 15, 2017

There’s no doubt the coldest months of the year can be rough on your skin. “Winter skin can be stressed skin,” says health coach Connie Rogers. “We’re colder so we take hotter showers, we turn up the indoor heat, we stress drive our vehicle through the snow, eat more, lose our motivation to exercise, drink less water and more alcohol.”

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dermal fillers

3 Makeup Tricks For Hooded Eyelids That You Should Know

February 27, 2018

You may have heard of the term “hooded eyes” in the beauty world–but what the heck does that mean? Hooded eyes, or bedroom eyes as those of us who have them like to affectionately call them, are mysterious and sexy. They are characterized by a “prominent brow bone that causes the crease of the eye, and often part of the eyelid, to be covered,” says Dr. Alain Michon, medical director of The Ottawa Skin Clinic.

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are you washing your face properly?

Rejuvenate, Revive, and Renew: The Skin-ny on Medical Aesthetics

November 10, 2016

Beauty is about so much more than the way you look; it’s about how you feel inside and out. Medical aesthetics is a specialized field of medicine with a focus on improving cosmetic appearance and restoring confidence. Medical aesthetic treatments like Soft-Lifts, CoolSculpting™, and ThermiVa™ are performed by qualified physicians and expert medical staff using state-of-the-art equipment in a relaxing, spa-like environment to target problem areas like wrinkles, sagging skin, and stubborn fat. Below are three of Ottawa’s latest and most innovative cosmetic treatments that have the industry talking

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