Your skin is your body’s largest organ. And in order for it to stay youthful and radiant, it needs ample hydration. In fact, hydration is the foundation of healthy looking skin. If you want to improve your complexion and decrease the signs of ageing, you need a proven hydration treatment like HydraFacial®. This multi-function treatment uses advanced moisture solutions, exfoliation, and super-serum infusion to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin dramatically. Best of all, the results are instant with reversed signs of ageing and more luminous skin with tightened pores. Unlike other state-of-the-art procedures, HydraFacial® treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical procedures that require zero downtime. As you can imagine, this has attracted the attention of many A-listers thanks to the instant, noticeable results it offers.

If you’re ready to find out what all the fuss is around Hollywood, you can book one with us today. Until then, check out some of the most raved about benefits that the HydraFacial® treatments offer.

Hydrates the Skin During Each Stage

The impressive results of HydraFacial® treatments come from its unique ability to hydrate the skin during each stage of the process: cleansing, acid peel, extractions, and hydration.

Even the first stage offers a deep hydrating cleanse to remove dead skin cells and to gently reveal the healthy new skin underneath. It works deeper than a typical face wash to loosen dead skin cells with calming and soothing extractions and hydrating nutrients. Following the cleanse, an acid peel is applied to gently loosen dirt and debris. Then an extraction is performed with vortex suction and a specialized tip to clear away congestion and tighten the pores. Honey and flower extracts, along with salicylic acid, are also used to help hydrate and soothe the skin during this process. And finally, your skin will be infused with nourishing antioxidant serums, peptides, and hyaluronic acid using the most sophisticated and advanced nutrient delivery system, Vortex-Fusion™.  This allows ultimate levels of hydration and antioxidants to be pumped into your skin creating a refreshed finish and stunning appearance.

Super-Serums Generate Maximum Results

Our skin is exposed to many damaging effects from the sun, toxins, and pollutants on a regular basis. If you suffer from sun damage, acne, hyperpigmentation, or wrinkles, this treatment will help to protect the skin against numerous environmental effects. By way of super-serums, the HydraFacial® treatments can be tailored to address specific skin concerns. Your skin care professional will select an appropriate booster that will minimize the appearance of discoloration, as well as the appearance of fine lines, the signs of ageing, or even the appearance of dark spots to transform, restore, and recharge the skin as desired.

Quick and Easy

With HydraFacial® treatments you can be in and out of the treatment room and back to your day in as little as thirty minutes. It’s so gentle, all you need to do is sit back and relax for the length of the procedures. There will be no pain or scarring thanks to the treatment’s non-invasive, non-surgical design. It offers instant, noticeable results with no downtime or irritation!

Ultimate Protection

The effects will last for months thanks to an application of targeted treatments, sunscreen, and other products that will help initiate your new skin care regimen. Your skin specialist may also recommend other skin care treatments to be used alongside Hydrafacial® treatments to provide even more protection and to further improve the tone and texture. For instance, Hydra Lymphatic Drainage is commonly used in combination to improve circulation and tone by removing toxins and re-balancing the skin.

Blue Light Therapy is another treatment that can be used with HydraFacial® to help rebalance, disinfect, and normalize the skin bacteria that causes acne. Some clients also enjoy combining Red Light Therapy with the treatment to accelerate the repair and renewal of damaged skin cells and stimulate the production of collagen for firmer and more toned looking skin.

Delivers Long-Term Effects

HydraFacial® treatments will not only improve the look of your skin, but they will also restore the health of it over time. With frequent treatments, you can reveal the best skin of your life and gain back your confidence once again. So if you’ve been looking to turn back the hands of time with more youthful and radiant skin, our Hydrafacial® treatment could be right for you.

What are you waiting for? Contact our office today to try this advanced, patented technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate your skin. Give us call at The Ottawa Skin Clinic to set up a consultation with our skin care experts today!