Many folks struggle with acne through adulthood, but it’s not always limited to the face and forehead. In fact, back acne, while unpleasant and a topic of conversation that instils discomfort in some, is a very common issue. Why is this? For starters, it’s influenced by how we go about our daily lives and activities. What we wear, what we eat, and how we look after our personal hygiene are other factors that contribute to back acne.

Today, let’s go over how to prevent back acne as best as possible.

Shower Regularly

It’s not that you don’t take care of yourself, but rather that back acne is easily triggered by rushing a shower or missing spots when scrubbing. This is because clothing and even hairs on the back can trap oils, resulting in the formation of acne more readily on the back. And, since we can’t look at our backs without the help of a mirror, it’s generally something that is focused on less when looking after personal hygiene. 

Exfoliation and a Healthy Diet

In addition to regular showers, regular skin exfoliation on the back is also essential. Scrubs with charcoal, cleansers, creams, and moisturizers with exfoliating elements are ideal solutions.

In addition, we are what we eat. Try improving your diet to include quinoa, brown rice, blueberries, and other healthy foods that can minimize the potential for acne.

Breathable, Looser Clothing

The back of the human body has a high concentration of sebaceous glands, which produce sebum. This is where the risk of oil buildup and clogged pores – a cause of back acne. Therefore, wearing clothing that doesn’t cling tightly to your back or, even better, is breathable, can reduce this risk. In situations where there is a strict dress code, such as at a formal event or in a corporate environment, consider looser dress shirts that are neither baggy nor restrictive.

Prescription Solutions

A dermatologist may recommend prescribing topical creams with antibiotic properties if you live with a severe outbreak of back acne that cannot easily be controlled on your own. Oral alternatives like doxycycline may also be suggested, though this needs to be taken in a very small dosage to help protect the healthy bacteria in your body. 

AFT Treatments

The Ottawa Skin Clinic utilizes AFT treatments, and Advanced Fluorescent Light therapy as one of our acne solutions. This form of treatment targets what are known as porphyrins, which are produced as a natural part of the P. acnes bacteria development process. This is a form of bacteria that can colonize your skin and even hair follicles!

AFT is a highly effective, non-invasive process for eliminating P. acnes bacteria due to how it interferes with the development process. The intense blue UV light is focused and precise, creating singlet oxygen that kills the unwanted bacteria without harming your skin. You need to see to believe, much like the results themselves! What’s more, there are no topical or systemic drugs needed, comfort is maintained for the patient, and there is a low risk of any side effects.

Alternative Treatments

Lastly, if you’re looking for other treatments that a skincare specialist can administer, there are the following, each of which we can perform at The Ottawa Skin Clinic:

If you struggle with back acne, don’t be hard on yourself. Many people do, and this is not an easy part of the body to look after since you can’t easily see it! For assistance in the form of safe, precision-controlled, compassionate skin care treatments, our team is happy to help. Contact us today to explore available options or virtually consult with one of our skincare specialists.