Get the Cold, Hard Facts on Cryotherapy Skin Tag Removal

Despite no conclusive evidence as to what causes them, acrochorda—also known as skin tags—have been seen to affect a little under half of the population. Though they have spurred many people towards seeking skin tag removal in Ottawa, they are relatively harmless. They can, however, cause irritation under certain circumstances, and having them removed by way of cryotherapy can often bring with it a sense of relief—not to mention a more blemish-free complexion in the treatment area.

The Tag

An acrochordon is, at its essence, actually a type of small tumour. Don’t worry just yet! It’s entirely benign. They appear more commonly on women than men, and are more common still on aging people or people who have gained significant amounts of weight. The usual tag is little more than a millimetre or two long, though bigger ones have been seen. They are most commonly found in areas where skin-on-skin contact occurs often, like armpits, eyelids, the neck, and around the groin or breasts. It is not known for certain if this friction is part of the cause; correlations have appeared between a number of other conditions, like acromegaly, polycystic ovary syndrome, and HPV, though no formal link has been discovered as of yet. A genetic link is also possible.

Chafing, tight clothing, jewelry, shaving, and skin conditions such as eczema can irritate a skin tag, making it a matter of convenience to have it removed. Other Ottawa residents seek skin tag removal for cosmetic purposes. Regardless of your reason, cryotherapy has you covered.


Most commonly performed using liquid nitrogen, cryotherapy is a common treatment for skin tags, warts, moles, solar keratosis, and even certain cancerous tumours. After using a numbing agent, a doctor will apply liquid nitrogen to the treatment area, the unwanted growth or blemish will be frozen. This will cause the cells that make up your skin tag to die. The doctor will then cut away the frozen skin, and just like that, your acrochordon is gone for good! The procedure is not without pain or recovery time, but is preferable to other options because these are minimized and the treatment is less invasive than many of its alternatives. After a skin tag removal procedure, Ottawa residents can expect to feel a bit of pain for a few days, but this will pass, and can be managed with the moderate application of over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

If you’re tired of trying to live around your skin tag, or feel like it’s a blemish you no longer want to deal with, then look into getting cryotherapy skin tag removal in Ottawa today!