When the state of your hair or facial hair has people giving you weird glances, it’s time to take the hint that some personal grooming is in order. It may have been acceptable to get away with the grungy look back in the day, but today, looking well groomed and put together is important – not only for boosting your confidence but also for both your personal and professional life.

Men who do take the time and effort to look polished and sophisticated understand the importance of practicing self-care. So if you’ve been veering towards the overly-shaggy look lately, here are some good reasons why grooming is important, even for guys.

Maintaining A Professional, Sophisticated Appearance

If you walk into a professional work environment looking like you just rolled out of bed, well, you can imagine the impression that leaves amongst colleagues and your boss. Maintaining a professional appearance – whether you’re in the service industry, or any other field – shows that you take your job seriously.

Good Personal Hygiene

Having bad personal hygiene can really impact just about every area of your life, whether you realize it or not. Just because no one has mentioned it, doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t a problem. If you’re not taking the appropriate time to shower and apply deodorant daily, you can bet that the people around you are just too polite to say anything. Practising good personal hygiene means wearing fresh clothes, maintaining a clean body, brushing your teeth and wearing deodorant each day.


Believe it or not, skincare is equally as important for men as it is for women, which is why The Ottawa Skin Clinic offers a comprehensive range of safe and highly effective treatments that are specifically tailored to men. If your skin is looking dull, rough and aged, our treatments can refresh and rejuvenate your skin to make you feel confident about your appearance again.

Although some might believe that a rough and rugged look is still popular, the reality is that it can really impact your life, both personally and professionally. And aside from enhancing your overall appearance, when you invest in good self-care you feel so much better about yourself with the confidence boost that you receive. So ditch the homeless look and raise your standards by booking an appointment at the The Ottawa Skin Clinic today. We can assist and recommend suitable treatments to get you looking your best.