This Cutting Edge Treatment Comfortably Rejuvenates Skin with No Downtime

When it comes to facials, Ottawa residents may have come to expect a certain degree of discomfort. Most chemical peels and other facials can be abrasive on the skin, and they have to be to achieve their best possible results. It’s like the saying goes: no pain, no gain. But even if clichés exist for a reason, every once in a while something comes along that breaks out of the expected pattern of things. This includes facials – more specifically, the Hydrafacial. Ottawa skin care professionals offer this exceptional treatment that serves a number of needs our skin might have, comfortably and with some pretty great results. Here are four reasons you should consider one now:

Personalized Treatment, Every Time

The treatment, which comes in four stages, is highly customizable. Everyone has different skin with different needs, and when it comes to Hydrafacial, Ottawa residents tend to seek it out for different reasons. By tailoring treatment and paying special attention to the stages that will make the greatest difference for you, your skin care professional can address your very specific concerns and help create the treatment that works for you.

Fights Acne and Clears Pores

Adults get acne too, though not as often as adolescents do. It can be a source of incredible anxiety for some people, and seriously impacts their self-esteem. Fortunately, Hydrafacial is great for people with acne-prone skin. In the first stage, the skin is exfoliating, opening the pores and scraping dead skin cells away. After the gentle acid peel in the second stage, the third stage consists of your skin care professional extracting dirt and other buildup from deep inside your pores. Think of it like a hard-reset for your face. You’ll have smoother, less oily skin after treatment, guaranteed.

Gives Skin a Healthier Appearance

Skin breaks down over time as the turnover rate of healthy skin cells begins to slow down. After a Hydrafacial, Ottawa residents have been amazed to see increased collagen production in their skin and a better cell turnover rate immediately after, giving a boost of youthful vitality to their skin. The anti-oxidant treatment in the final stage helps the skin continue to shine by helping it fight skin cell breakdown, creating longer-lasting results.

No Downtime

What really sets this facial apart from other available facials in Ottawa is how quick and convenient it is. Treatment takes about half an hour, and causes little to no discomfort. And unlike other facials, Ottawa residents can get back to action quicker – your skin will need almost no time to heal, and you’ll have the appearance of healthy, glowing skin the very same day! Talk about a great turnaround.