Has your hair began to thin or are you suffering from male pattern hair loss? You don’t have to suffer through the turmoil of hair loss — let us help you out with a restructuring hair booster that’s designed to repair damaged and thinning hair. At The Ottawa Skin Clinic, we offer Revitacare Haircare® treatments that will enable your hair to regain its original strength and vitality and stay protected against breakage and hair loss. To learn more, here are the benefits of this revolutionary treatment.

Vitamin Based Treatment

Revitacare Haircare® is a micro-injection-based vitamin treatment designed to pump vitamins into the superficial epidermis of the scalp to hydrate and penetrate it with nutrients. The innovative formula contains hyaluronic acid and Restructuring Hair Complex RHB that includes a range of beneficial ingredients, including zinc and biotin which creates a nutrient-rich boost unlike any other treatment on the market. Nutrients quickly penetrate into your hair roots to encourage hair recovery and prevent future loss.

Visible Hair Regrowth

No matter what the cause of your hair loss is, you’ll see visible results with this treatment. In fact, many patients experience visible hair regrowth in as little as two of the six sessions. Normally, after all six sessions have been completed, you’ll notice a visible improvement to the growth and quality of your hair.

Painless and Clinically Proven

The Revitacare Haircare® treatment is painless and clinically proven to treat various scalp and hair problems for both men and women. Whether it be hair loss due to iron deficiency, eczema, stress, hormone imbalance, or psoriasis, the treatment will enhance hair growth, improve texture, and decrease hair loss. Healthy, thick hair is just around the corner with Revitacare Haircare® treatments.

Can Be Combined for Even Better Results

We can even combine the Revitacare Haircare® treatment with rejuvenation therapy to get enhanced results. With Revitacare Haircare® providing a nutrient boost and growth factors, you can experience the process of cellular regeneration that leads to hair regrowth and ultimate strengthening.

When you feel like your hair is thinning, you can protect yourself against further damage and hair loss by trying our vitamin hair loss treatments to hydrate, strengthen, and restore. To learn more about the Revitacare Haircare® and rejuvenation treatments, book a consultation today, and one of our skin care specialists will help you out with any of your concerns.