Micro-Needling – Collagen-Induced Therapy

Are you having a hard time with troublesome pores, wrinkles, or other elements that take away from your skin’s appearance? Whether you’re having difficulties treating age spots, scars, or other skin conditions, The Ottawa Skin Clinic is here to help with a highly efficient, collagen-induced solution. We are pleased to offer micro-needling therapy from Dermastamp to our patients, capable of delivering improved skin vitality, smoothness, and suppleness.

A Safe and Effective Treatment Solution

As the maker of the original Dermaroller, Dermastamp has a reputation for superior-quality skin care treatment solutions, which we are proud to integrate with our available services. With micro-needling, our patients benefit from the best of care as well as a proven method that can produce enhanced results. It is a safe and effective form of skin treatment for a variety of pre-existing conditions, helping you obtain a rejuvenated appearance in a streamlined manner.

What is Dermaroller?

Dermaroller is a device designed to lightly penetrate the skin’s surface, forcing it to repair itself with the production of collagen and new cells. This is an alternative to advanced surgeries and is effective at encouraging your body to restore its appearance naturally. The super-fine, medical-grade needles of the Dermaroller penetrate the dermis of the skin, which in turn rapidly closes up to repair itself. There is no lasting skin damage in typical cases, as these needles are atraumatic, therefore helping to create smoother, healthier, clearer looking skin.