Micro-Needling – Collagen Induced Therapy

Ottawa Skin Clinic is pleased to offer Dermastamp micro-needling therapy from the maker of the original Dermaroller. Health Canada approved, Dermaroller is a device designed to lightly pierce the skin, forcing it to repair itself with the production of collagen and new cells. The super-fine, medical-grade needles penetrate the dermis of the skin, which in turn rapidly closes up to repair itself. There is no lasting skin damage in typical cases, as these needles are atraumatic (non-traumatic), therefore helping to create a smoother, healthier, clear, younger-looking skin.*

Micro-needling/Collagen Induced Therapy (CIT) can help treat wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, age spots, acne, rosacea, and pore size. This treatment can help tighten and tone and assists with improving skin textures and thickening the dermis. Each individual treatment uses a sterile single use needle tip for optimal safety.*

For an added bonus, if you choose to add PRP (platelet rich plasma) to your treatment, this may significantly improve the speed of healing. PRP releases growth factors into the skin to help accelerate the body’s own repair process and assist with the stimulation of new collagen and elastin.*

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